New Podcast Episode - How To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking With Google Plus

The website you use for teaching guitar only helps you if prospective students can actually FIND it…and ranking highly in the search engines is the way to make that happen.

In this episode, I’ll tell you all about how using a Google Plus social media account can help you improve the search engine rankings for your teaching website. There are several “social media” networks out there that can help you grow your teaching business, but Google Plus is SPECIAL…it’s “linked in” to the largest search engine in the world!

I’ll also give you a good overview of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about…just what you NEED to know as a guitar teacher, without all the technical “mumbo jumbo”…and I’ll explain the big factors that search engines like Google look for when they decide how to rank your site. Finally, I’ll finish up with some practical tips for USING your Google Plus account to attract more students, as well as getting better results from the search engines!
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