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Armando Almeida
Solteiro, decente, meigo, simpático, romântico.
Solteiro, decente, meigo, simpático, romântico.


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The passion of self-love stands out as the family’s worst enemy. Egoism is a dangerous enemy.

When a married couple does not want to yield to each other in anything, each morbidly guarding his or her own pride; if each continually counts the times that he or she did something for the family, then that family will little-by-little fall apart. If couples easily give place to anger, argue over trifles, and cannot peacefully live with each other’s close relatives, then they themselves feel wretched, and their children absorb their bad example. How hard it is to bring up children by our own example!

True ascetic labor is required of parents in order not to consign their children to the education of television, internet groups, or the streets. That is on the one hand; on the other hand, children must not be tortured with excess care. After all, super-care leads to infantilism, introversion, and sometimes even rebellion against parents.

The family is a school of love.

All Christian ascesis is directed toward acquiring love. Christ the Savior boiled down all the commandments to two: love of God and love of neighbor. St. Theophan the Recluse compares love to fire: if we do not throw logs on the fire it will go out; if love between husband and wife is not stoked with deeds of love, it will eventually die out. And what are these deeds of love? They are the deeds of basic care one for the other, obvious and unobvious signs of attention. They are the ability during arguments to overcome outbreaks of anger and to be the first to come and make peace. They are the ability to take your egotistical inclinations in hand, to correct your actions, always thinking to yourself “I am not the only one.”

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Let's make reparation for this sacrilege and blaspheme.
Jerry Springer: The Opera is opening in its Off-Broadway Premiere at the Pershing Square Signature Center in Manhattan.


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Prayer for Peace in My Home

Dear loving Lord,
My home needs Your peace.
My family needs You.
Won’t You come to us?
Won’t You set us free?

Pour out Your love,
Pour out Your Spirit,
Wash us clean, cover us,
And protect us.

By the Blood of Christ,
We are cleansed.
From His wounds,
Mercy and peace come forth,
To heal the wounds between us.

Let us respect,
And listen to one another.
Let us love one another.

Begin with me, dear Lord.
Let the change happen in me.
Give me strength.
Show me how to love more.
Show me how to care more.
show me how to forgive.

Let Your Spirit change me,
While You care,
For the others.
Let me trust in this.
That they are in Your hands,
Just like me.
In the name of sweet Jesus,

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The false Aliens are coming up, for the 3 days of darkness, they live in hell, in a dimension in the center of earth, these demons may kill humans, taking off their souls.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Divine Master and Supreme Judge says:

Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny (June 15, 1882)

Jesus: “ . . . I forewarn you that a day will be found and it is already appointed when there will be little sun, few stars, and no light to take a step outside of your homes, the refuges of My people.

The days will be beginning to increase (days get longer on Dec 22). It will not be at the height of summer nor during the longer days of the year (summer time), but when the days are still short (winter time). It will not be at the end of the year, but during the first months (of the year) that I shall give My clear warnings. That day of darkness and lightning will be the first that I shall send to convert the impious, and to see if a great number will return to Me, before the Great Storm (Chastisement) which will closely follow. (The darkness and lightning of) that day will not cover all of France, but a part of Brittany will be tried by it. (However) on the side on which is found the land of the mother of My Immaculate Mother (the land of St. Anne) will not be covered by darkness to come, up to your place (home of Marie-Julie) . . . All the rest will be in the most terrible fright. From one night to the next — one complete day —, the thunder will not cease to rumble. The fire from the lightnings will do a lot of damage, even in the closed homes where someone will be living in sin. My children, that first day (of chastisement) will not take away anything from the three others (the 3-Day Chastisement) already pointed out and described.

That particular day was revealed to My servant, Catherine (Laboure), in the apparitions of My Blessed Mother under the name (title), 'Mary Conceived Without Sin'. That day is (also) recorded in five well-sealed rolls of Sister St. Peter of Tours.That roll will remain a secret until the day when a person of God will lay her predestined hand on that which the world will have ignored, including even the inhabitants of that cloister.”("Prophecies of La Fraudais of Marie-Julie Jahenny", pp. 50-51)

Note: The writings of Sister St. Peter of Carmel of Tours were hidden on August 5th, 1850, by the order of Mgr. Morlot. It is clear that the day of which Our Blessed Lord is speaking is A Warning. That day is the “first day (of chastisement)” which He is going to send to convert sinners “before the “Great Storm (the Great Chastisement) which will closely follow.” Jesus said that, on that day, He would give His “clear Warnings.”


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Molite svakodnevno krunicu kao što je Gospa pitao.

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Olá pessoal, tudo bem com vocês? Bom, no vídeo de hoje eu trouxe uma receitinha de um BOTOX CASEIRO para acabar com as rugas e flacidez e deixar a sua pele perfeita usando apenas ovo e maizena. Eu fiz, testei, contei e mostrei o resultado imediato, por isso é importante que você assista o vídeo até o fim para não perder nenhum detalhe. Essa receita eu vi no canal da Pamela Matheus, e eu vou deixar o link dela aí abaixo para vocês conferirem.
Espero muito que vocês gostem!!!

Canal da Pamela:


Redes Sociais:




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Good morning my brothers and sisters in Christ
Mass go be with him
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