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"Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach..." Col. 3:16
"Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach..." Col. 3:16

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Back-to-School: Calendars for Parent Communication
In the back-to-school spirit, I want to showcase my favorite new set of calendars for this year! They're available in black-and-white as well as color formats, so you don't have to use your color cartridges if you're trying to save on ink. I like to use the...

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Parent Conference Freebie: Sign-In and Sign Up Pages
One of my goals this year has been to begin the year with a day devoted to parent conferences only. I know a lot of school districts mandate this for their teachers as often as once per semester. While our district does not have that policy, our administrat...

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Do It Yourself: Dry-Erase Labels for a Classroom
This post will be pretty basic, and not all that spectacular, but I wanted to share a recent little DIY project for my classroom. If you're like me, you always keep an eye on clearance sections wherever you go, just in case you spot something you could use ...

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Editable Back-to-School Teacher Notes FREEBIE!
I am so excited to give these sweet little "Welcome Back" notes to my students! Since my day revolves around multiple small-group classes, I have students coming to me from other classrooms all over our school. While we establish great relationships within ...

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Sharing a Love for Reading with Your Classroom Library
I have always made it a priority to have a classroom library, where my students could check out books in addition to those they access in the school media center. I usually keep my library organized by reading levels. Our school uses the Accelerated Reader ...

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The Ultimate Back-to-School Bundle!
The Back-to-School season is such an exciting (and a bit stressful) time! I am really enjoying my own back-to-school preparations for this year. I finally feel like I have accumulated enough ready-to-use resources that I can pull, tweak as needed, and use r...

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Upcoming Blog Topics: August
So it's no big secret that, for most teachers, August is dominated by Back-to-School everything . The to-do lists get astronomically longer, as do the days. Blog topics are no exception this month. Here at The Tally Tales, I will be sharing some details abo...

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TPT Resources: Custom Categories
I hope you have gained some useful information from my recent posts about about Phonological  Awareness and Phonemic Awareness! Since I focus so heavily on these skills with my students, I will continue to develop materials to use in my classroom. For easy ...

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Recap: Phonemic Awareness vs. Phonological Awareness
Recently, I've shared information and resources related to phonemic awareness and phonological awareness. Feel free to visit those original posts if you missed them the first time! Today, I wanted to just give a brief recap of the relationship between these...

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Phonological Awareness: Differentiated Activities for the Classroom
Previously, I shared the importance of phonological awareness development among young readers. If you missed that post, you can access it  here.  Still, knowing  about  phonological awareness is one thing; knowing how to appropriately help your students dev...
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