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Most people don't listen to advice ...
So don't read, don't listen ...
People often tell Regina Brett how great she looks for her age. Turns out, she is actually 54 years old — not 90. She wrote down these life lessons the night before her 45th birthday after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Over that past decade,
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Wow.. great points.. Especially points 2,7,10,16,30 and 42. Thank you +George Lincoln 
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George Lincoln

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Today's military travel is to Amboseli, Kenya #travel   #amboseli   #kenya   #safari   #elephantwednesday  
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George Lincoln

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Good Morning
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Good evening +George Lincoln 
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George Lincoln

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Have mercy with cows and buffalos, would you ... ?
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George Lincoln

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Branches are their food ... !

African desert elephant (Loxodonta Africana) trying to reach "food". He was breaking off branches with his trunk and eating them quite loud! Must be good, well I did not try it out, he looked very satisfied after every branch. Lifting his legs to reach higher and higher. He got what he wanted :)

#africantuesday ' specify theme name here ' +African Tuesday curated by +Morkel Erasmus , +Dick Whitlock and +Grobler du Preez
#AFRICANature +AFRICANature curated by +Morkel Erasmus , +Dick Whitlock , +Grobler du Preez, +Berndt Weissenbacher , +Anette Mossbacher and +Wayne Marinovich
#ElephantWednesday +Elephant Wednesday curated by +Louisa Catharine Forsyth , +Diego Cattaneo , +Matthias Haeussler
#wildlifewednesday +Wildlife Wednesdays curated by +Mike Spinak , +Morkel Erasmus
#threatenedthursday +Threatened Thursday curated by +Diego Cattaneo , +Sumit Sen , +Sandy Schepis , +Anette Mossbacher
#hqspanimals +HQSP Animals curated by +Mark HELM, +Eric Delcour , +Jim Haner  , +Marina Versaci , +Sime Wareham 
#photojournalworlwide +Photo Journal Worldwide curated by +andi rivarola
#PhotoManiaGermany +Photo Mania Germany curated by +Nicole Gruber & +Sandra Deichmann & +Markus Landsmann & +dietmar rogacki, +Photo Mania Germany 
#WholeWildlifeWeek +Whole Wildlife Week curated by +Sandy Schepis , +Dick Whitlock . +Anette Mossbacher and +Diego Cattaneo
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I'm glad to see this
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It is so hard to understand that these beautiful animals are threatened by humans. I never can get my head around it. Seeing elephants in the wild is one of the life's greatest experiences. It saddens me to think we may be one of the last generations that experiences them in the wild.

#wildlifewednesday   by +Mike Spinak  and +Morkel Erasmus 
#elephant   #Kenya   #safari   #Photo   #pipermackayphotography  
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George Lincoln

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The most precious quality of a human being, is being Righteous and Kind !
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Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. - Abraham Lincoln
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