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Found this gem from the Google WebVR experiments... If you have 20 minutes... watch it! DO IT NOW!

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Cotton is in... Up next is catering... Burritos or pizza? Hmmmm... 
In three days we meet for Google Cloud Next Extended Muncie! Sign up now!

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A project I have been meaning to start for a while is the Open Closed Caption Project. I don't know of a mechanism of youtube videos that would allow a person to add closed captions to the video unless they are the video owner. I think I will spend a few nights working through this and will create the Open Close Caption Project. Open as in free speech... You can caption the video in multiple languages. You can even have your captions be commentary on the video that you attach your captions to. All of the captions on the videos will be open for everyone to view. A git-style system that allows for checking out and editing some other captions. If someone one wants a specific video captioned then a request queue would be available.
It is time for this. When I have a base for it... I will let you all know.

It was 10 years ago I gave the worst news to a person I have ever relayed to a person ever. I told my wife her mom had died. My wife was 9 months pregnant and we were going to induce the next day (and we still did)... My wife went to visit with her thesis committee and hang out with some Anthropology friends. She was going to pick me up from work close to 5PM. I got a call from her telling me she would pick me up in a little while. My phone rang again and it was her grandpa. He told me the bad news. She had been found at home with a cordless phone in her hand... she stopped breathing while in the living room. My Grandfather-in-Law gave me the choice of telling her after we had Marshall out or I had to promise to wait until I was with her and I could only tell her in person. I had time left in my day at work and couldn't rush over to the other building... she would be there to pick me up soon. I had no decision to make. I don't think I could stand the burden of not telling someone something so important. She called and told me she was just leaving and would be by very soon. I made that a very short phone call. When she picked me up I immediately told her the news. I told her that her mother had died. I purposefully said that first... I didn't want to rehash the phone call... I knew there would be tears and didn't want her thinking her granny had passed away or have any other panic or worry that would further add to her grief. She called her brother and cried... Of course she did... She cried so much that when we went into the birthing center the next morning they thought that perhaps I had beaten her the night before. Her eyes were swollen from the tears. On the 24th we had Marshall. It was not an easy day... Blood pressure was spiked. Marshall took all day to come out. We have lamented on the unfairness of how she missed him by a single day. Less than 36 hours. We got our little guy though.
We had a bitterest of bitter followed by a sweetest of sweets. I know Debbie already loved Marshall... Laura and I have grown fond of him as well. Laura lost her mother and I lost a friend that told me the most inappropriate jokes. I tell Marshall all of the time not to say the following... but it is not fair. I realize no one ever told me would be though.
I thought I mentioned all of this before... but couldn't find it on my timeline... So here we are ten years later and it is still the worst thing I have had to tell anyone... I hope that it keeps the record. We miss you Debbie.

I think FOXSportsGO is using that Nucleus by Hooli... Should have went with Pied Piper... #MiddleOut

Saw Stephen Hawking and Larry Flynt were each trending on Google Trends Screensaver. Neither died. Larry Flynt searched for first. Priorties

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Amazon knows me so well. 

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The finished box of a project... Well finished for now...

Indiana Public Radio did a little story about the GDG Muncie DevFest IOT Hack Day...
Not too shabby... I am the last interview...

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I'm so making these next year for the folks at work... Baggie of Spaghetti-O's and all!
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