Today when searching, Google returned a result unlike anything I've seen. For now, I'm calling it a "Sources" SERP. It contained various links to my site and and sites that were supposed to be related, but in fact weren't.

For example, along the sidebar was something similar to Google's enhanced sitelinks. There were approximately 8 of these style links.

What didn't make sense were some of the other links and information. The "sources" result seemed to be pulling outdated information from Alexa, and citing it as an authoritative source. How that is helpful to the end user is beyond me.

Not sure if this is a test, or fully rolled out. See the screenshot below if you haven't seen it yet. These only seem to appear for certain queries. It looks like an attempt at filling in the empty space on the right hand side of the screen when no ads appear.

The "sources" contain background information about the query, such as definitions, company information, recent news, etc. When I queried Twitter, it returned a Wikipedia entry, info on the CEO, headquarter location, what language the application is written in (Ruby) and so forth.

For me, the information was hit and miss. For example, I expected the large shiny Twitter icon to take me to Twitter, instead of this odd site here -

This was not what I was expecting and ended up confusing me more than helping. There's also a strange field that says: "Name: Sign In" - Is that supposed to be my name, or a semantic person field populated by Twitter? Regardless, more confusion. It also says the category is "Private." When I click on Private, I'm taken to a SERPs for the word "private." Not helpful.

I suppose knowing info about the company headquarters and the name of the CEO could be helpful for some people, as well as the Wikipedia entry. I thought the Ruby information was interesting. Overall, this needs some work before it's ready for prime time.

Is the "Sources" SERP showing in Google for you? What do you think?
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