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Haha there you have it. Thought you might enjoy this +Eric Wilkes and +Stuart Taylor
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Oh man, watching the I/O Google + freaking rocks!!!!

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Dear nexus 4 users... Here you go
HALO alpha 3 rolling out

List of changes so far:
- double-tap-swipe gets you through the ongoing tasks, lift finger and it starts the intent, go back and you're at the last incoming notification again. watch your statusbar as point of reference while swiping
- duplicated ticker is gone
- statusbar/halo flicker or notification spam should be solved

Over the coming weeks/months this will be cleaner and nicer looking - all the flaws that it still has will eventually be washed away.

Get PA-GAPPS, do not even think about getting anything else. Get them here:

Nexus 4/Mako:

... other links will follow

1. If this is the first time for you, FULLWIPE. If not you can go on
2. Install Rom
3. Install Gapps
4. Wipe cache + dalvik cache + reboot

To  those porting it to maguro, toro and toroplus - watch out for mms, do a lunch + repo sync. the aosp and cyanogenmod variant of it will jump back home in its intent, its hardcoded behavior. the PA variant will/should not.

it includes some other experimental things as well,

+Aaron Gascoigne has been working on a nice surprrise for PA-Prefs Pro users. You'll be able to categorize your widgets now and scale them without having to search through a ton of apps. It's an ongoing project - please don't look at the icon too hard, i was supposed to find a nice one but haven't had the time. Whenever we're free things like that will be made. I know that +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, after his exams, has some big plans for the pro version as well.

+Yamil Ghazi, that's mr. beerbong for those who don't know, has been fixing a lot of hybrid related things. He fixed the old Google bug that made the dialer look mangled if you put contacts into its higher UI layout. Also the unfinished calendar that would crash in its high layout. We merged his pet project as well, trebuchet made hybrid proof. That launcher will probably react better to various layouts and DPI changes than any other. It's a work in progress.

Aaron Russell

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Nexus guys, go grab your HALO

Nexus 4

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 3g

Galaxy nexus (gsm)

Oppo find 5
Speial thanks to +OPPO and +xda-developers  for the device +CyanogenMod, +Andrew Dodd, +Nebojsa Cvetkovic for the deice tree.
Note:  camera doesn't work (will be fixed next week).


This is still a very early build. no bugreporting here please. don't install this if you dislike previews/alphas. For bugs that are not obvious (and you should be sure we haven't noticed them) track them here:

HALO in three stages:

Phase 1: rewriting the android framework to allow multi windows/apps that run on top of others without stopping or pausing them. completed

Phase 2: halo performs as a simple ticker reacting to incoming notifications, launching apps in floating mode. half-done, needs tweaking

Phase 3: halo will let you switch between notifications. ongoing development
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I've been rocking it since the day it came out. Closely watched +Paranoid Android for the release and was not disappointed

Aaron Russell

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Fellow Nexus people, I apologize if this has been shared before.

But I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on this. So please comment away on your concerns questions and other awesome comments.
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Alex C
Ugh people crying about the privacy crap. Its the same deal about cameras on phones, which by the way, people screamed bloddy marry.

Anyway, I'm hyped. Can't wait.
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+Stuart Taylor +Eric Wilkes look what I found....
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I'm pretty sure if the refresh button was physical on my device, it'd be broken.

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Thank you +Paranoid Android you're the bomb
HALO tasker, first working draft

In oode's video you see an already outdated build but the basic implementation is visible.

Keep in mind, this is for phone UI. The other UI's come in the end, there is no way I can implement them right now. Visual cues will be added for fullscreen view, but this has low priority right now.

Things that will be done in tormorrows alpha release:

- ticker spam no more, no flickering for ongoing (updating) notifications
- no ticker duplication, either android ticker or halo, not both at the same time
- notifications can be received in lights-out (youtube for instance) if halo is on
- tasker will let you choose ongoing tasks/notifications by double-tapping and swiping. the actual notifications in your statusbar will light up as you go back and forth. I do not start the intent right away, i see it more as a 'state' of some sort that you may chose to start when and how often you like once set up.
- the swiping order in the video was reversed, it will scroll left to right or right to left depending on which side HALO sits
- math behind that has been finetuned already, it feels pretty solid now - gives a tiny/little vibration pop as well

Your release will be an alpha no doubt, but expect it to be more polished than the oode-preview, it was pretty raw.

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I hate some people sometimes


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Just thought I'd share my home screen work. The top widget is pinned and the others are vertically scrollable. On the pinned one you can see 2 "0"'s. The one on the left is missed calls, the one on the right text messages. And my battery level next to it. Inspired by the new play store, but inverted. Let me know what you think

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Score!! Way to be +Paranoid Android ! Can't wait for this
Part 1/2: This is just a technical demo - don't get up

Yes we are working on our interpretation of multi-windowing/overlay. It will be very different from what you know and expect. 

The video shows a first draft, do not make up your mind just yet, you haven't seen 10% of it
For testing purposes we launch it via notification - apps opting in and out. The approach is clean, it's an extension to Android API, apps can be started like that by providing a simple window flag, Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_MULTI_WINDOW. 

You know multi-window is hard to get right. Cornerstone failed and was buggy. Cyanogen got their asses kicked by Google for merging it. Samsung wrote a half assed implementation that works with a hand full of s-apps and breaks the rest. Its still tough and we don't assume that we can cover everything, but it's looking alright - no bad fallouts until now.

Everyone knows this is a highly wanted feature, people pooped their pants for hardcoded mms pop-ups for christs sake. they are buying Samsung plastic phones for whacky s-multiwindow.
We think these implementations suck and we want to get it right this time. If what we have in mind will pan out, minds will be blown. If not we can still do the configurable notification enhancement thing -  that's cheapo plan B.

Part 2/2 will hopefully be a demo of a first plan A draft - multi windows put to good use so to say, fingers crossed.
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