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Putting my toe into "One"derland
After a couple of weeks gaining and losing the same pound, I have finally got to the 100's. 199.6, so only 4/10ths of a pound, but, my scale weight has a 1 in the front instead of a 2.

Although my weight isn't coming off quickly, my fats cells are shrinki...

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If you lead, I will blindly follow.
While things are at a stand still in my current round of hCG, I am always making plans for my dietary future.

This is more of a personal rant, so beware...

I have a couple of dozen Paleo sites bookmarked in my "favorites", I love looking at the recipes, t...

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Measured today...
So, I make my first goal, and in a moment of stupidity, I indulged in some Paleo crunch and ham (remember I wasn't going to eat pork or processed foods?), then, just to make things TONS of fun, my girly time kicked in 2 weeks early, all this culminated in a...

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Making my first goal
Right on target, this morning I made my goal of ldw of 204 (OK, 204.4, but I am not going to pick at nits)!!!

Now, the real work comes into play. My next goal is 191, which is the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life. From there, my goal is ...

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Heading into week 5...
Four weeks down, and another 4 weeks to go. I am down 21 pounds and 19.5 inches. Pretty awesome for a months work. My first goal was to get to 204 by the end of the month, which is not out of the realm of possibilities, but it will be tough (I would have...

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Sometimes you are your own worst enemy
I have been neglecting my blogging lately. It can be a real chore to keep your head in the game, as it were. My focus has been drifting, even to perfect me, who knew!!! Oh, wait, I am not perfect, what a shocker!

My first week on hCG, I lost 12+ lbs., wh...

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After 3 days VLC, I have lost 9.2 lbs. Fantastic!

I am starting to feel boney parts again, specifically my hip bones. Right now I am really pear shaped, a total bummer because I used to be an hour glass shape, aka a really heavy Mae West (very sexy!). ...

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VLCD 1 was a smashing success....
I woke up this morning 4 lbs. lighter! Goal #1 is to get back to my ldw of 204, which is only 20 lbs. away. I had steak, cucumbers, and an orange for lunch. For dinner I had chicken tenders on mixed greens with salsa and strawberries with stevia.

The me...

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Back in the Saddle Again
I'm baaaaaaaack! After a wonderful Disneyland vacation, I came home and ready to lose!!!

Today is very low calorie day (VLCD) one. My loading days went well, I only gained 1.4 lbs., which is OK, I would have rather lost, but c'est la vie.

My main goal i...

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Excited to return to hCG
Hey all! I came through hardcore Paleo with no damage, no improvements either. I think my old body is stuck in a rut. I did manage to remain sugar free for 30 days, which is good, because other than ketchup and BBQ sauce, I am not really into sweet stuff...
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