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a roof and a place to pee...
What a busy week!!!  The roof got put on, the electricity trench was dug and the septic system was installed.  Perfect weather for it (a tad dry for the gardens though... everything is really really wilty) and on top of this, we hope to have a Real Driveway...

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Week 4?
Construction is progressing quickly, it seems.  The walls are up and this week (no photos yet) the roof is being added, septic systems installed, grading and driveway are all being put in.  I hope also to start work on the first new garden - a small herb ga...

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Foundation - DONE!!
Smokey admiring the foundation - August 30, 2014

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Week 2
A new week, a new template -- it's as much fun fooling around with templates for this blog as writing it!  week 1 Week 1 - hole dug, base poured Week 2 - foundation forms installed, foundation poured and forms removed, well connected (pump installed), main ...

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The Burn
Gilbert from Redtail Vineyards lights the fire This is where we get to destroy... love using that word in this context... destroy the Buckthorn that I ' ve been cutting down for the past few years.  Common Buckthorn - ( Rhamnus cathartica) - was introduced ...

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It's Official!!
view from the back view from the road If there's a hole in the ground that must mean things will really happen, right?  Well, the hole got dug last week - here's the proof.  An added bonus - the Big Machine pulled out a few years (five or six years, really)...
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