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I'm excited to announce that I've started writing! My first book required learning about today's publishing world from the ground up.

Today marks the first day of a promotion I've organized with Amazon, making "The $3 Phone" 99 cents for a short time period.

Naturally, I don't expect you to switch your phone plan over if you're not an ideal candidate, but I hope you will support me as I launch my first publication. At the moment, stars and written reviews are what I need the most! 

If you have never read an e-book before, you might be under the assumption that it is hard or near-impossible to do if you do not own an e-reader such as a Kindle. In fact, you can read e-books from your web browser by using Amazon's cloud e-book reader ( or by using an independent cloud reader, such as (

Visit  to check out the book on Amazon and be sure to forward this to anyone you believe would benefit from a $3 monthly phone bill.

Please let me know what you think of it and be sure to keep in touch! 


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