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Vishal Sachdev
Interested in the intersection of Technology and people.
Interested in the intersection of Technology and people.


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great event at the lab. details/photos coming soon.

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You can learn anything

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Hi everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying the break. Congratulations to those who have graduated.
Do share any updates from your clients about the impact of your campaigns. I would like to include some quotes in an article about the competition.

On another note, I have secured some vouchers for the adwords certification exam. According to +Denise Chudy  the advertising fundamentals certification is useful if you plan to find a job in the digital marketing space.
Do send me a message by email if you interested in taking the exam(and are serious about actually taking it).  More details about the certification at the link below.

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Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for your efforts in a great competition. I think the Illinois teams will fare very well in the #gomcha   challenge this year. All the teams had great presentations.  We organized this competition  to motivate our teams to perform better and get ranked in the global competition. It is difficult to remain motivated to compete with thousands of teams you never meet, so we thought this will provide some competitive spirit. Above all, we hope this has been a good learning experience for all teams.

I would like to thank the RSO co-ordinators for this competition; +Rebecca Marohn  for AMA which had 6 teams and Tracy for +AIS Illinois Gomc  and Dr. Eric Larson, for co-ordinating the graduate teams.  I would like to thank Amy at Business Career Services and the Deans Office for sponsoring the prizes/refreshments and help with organizing the competition. Thanks to +Eric Larson  for organizing the judging process(with some nifty google docs setup) and Ruchika for helping with the process.

Now that I have made you all wait long enough, its time for the results. It was a difficult choice with all the teams falling in a narrow score band.
We had a tie for the first place, between the teams working with Krannert(lead by +Lindsay Gross )  and Crossfit CU( led by +Sarah Zigman  ).  The runner up was the team working with Camp Kesem ( led by +Annie Choi ). Congrats to all of you and your teams.

With a tie for first place, the money allocated for first and second place($800) gets divided among the two teams @$400 each. The runner up team, gets $200. The prize money for each team will be evenly split among the members.

As we look toward closing this competition, some things worth pondering about
a. Many of the teams will be eligible for the social impact category awards as well, as you worked with Non-profits. I encourage you to explore that as an option, as it only needs one more Social Impact Statement These organizations would also benefit from your guidance in setting up with the Google Grants program .
b. Leveraging the learning from the teams this year, to improve next years competition. One of the teams suggested that we would find a way to capture the learning that happened this year and store it for next year. They have submitted some key points, and removed sensitive customer information. As another step, we could simply get permission from the teams to share their reports/presentations with future teams, by removing any confidential information. If that is fine with your team, do post the pre/post reports here.
Do let us know if we can offer any feedback on the reports, once we all get done with finals.

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Might be useful to watch for any team planning on extending beyond the core competition for the social media award. April 15 4:00 PM CDT.
We have a very exciting Hangout on Air happening next week. Last year's winners of the Social Media Award are going to hangout with us to talk about their experience and give you some great tips for success in the challenge. Tune in next Monday, April 15th, at 2:00PM PST to watch! 

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Each team should sign up for the internal GOMC competition presentation using the form below. Only 5 teams have registered as of now, with clients listed below. One person from each team should fill this out, preferably the team captain.  Please register by tomorrow(thursday) night. Once you signup, please leave a note in the comments below.

U of Illinois
Cream & Flutter
Camp Kesem
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
Champaign County Humane Society
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