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ITIL Process Map
ITIL® Wiki & ITIL process templates | News: IT Process Wiki & the ITIL® Process Map
ITIL® Wiki & ITIL process templates | News: IT Process Wiki & the ITIL® Process Map


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ISO 20000 will be updated in 2018
Are you familiar with the similarities and differences between ISO 20000:2018 and ISO 20000:2011?

ISO/IEC 20000:2018 (Part 1) is a completely revised version of the international service management standard, ISO/IEC 20000:2011.

Check out this detailed comparison in the +YaSM Service Management Wiki:


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ITIL Wiki | What should be included in a Capacity Plan?
The Capacity Plan is used to manage the resources required to deliver IT services. The plan contains scenarios for different predictions of business demand, and options with cost estimates to deliver the agreed service level targets.

Typically, the Capacity Plan covers the following information:

- Part I: Business scenarios
- Part II: Forecast of service utilization and performance
- Part III: Forecast of resource utilization and performance
- Part IV: Other potential impacts on service capacity and performance
- Part V: Initiatives to adjust service capacity and performance

To get the complete picture, please visit the free ITIL Wiki:

Checklist Capacity Plan
Checklist Capacity Plan

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Video | The customer is king
It's easy to get lost in the details of the service management frameworks and there is always a danger of loosing sight of the big picture. We shouldn't allow this to happen, so we've created a video series about 'The simple principles of good service management'.

In the first video, we explain how customer-centricity works, and how the YaSM approach helps you with becoming customer-centric.

+YaSM describes a set of service management processes which ensure that you stay focused on your customers' needs and build up a loyal customer base:

- The first of these processes is called 'Manage customer relationships'. In this process, we communicate with our customers on a regular basis, manage the customer service agreements and deal with complaints.
- We interact with the customers at almost every stage of the YaSM service lifecycle.
- And there's also a process to deal with the financial aspects of the services.

Resources from the free Service Management Wiki:

YaSM's CRM process:

#EnterpriseServiceManagement #ITSM

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ITIL Wiki | ITIL functions and processes - the differences and similarities
In various parts of the books, ITIL® refers to 'functions' rather than 'processes'. For instance, Incident Management is introduced as a process and Facilities Management as a function.

So, what is the difference between ITIL processes and functions?
ITIL Functions | IT Process Wiki
ITIL Functions | IT Process Wiki

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ITIL Wiki | Configuration Management System and Configuration Management Database
The Configuration Management System (CMS) represents a set of rules for deploying releases into the live operational environment, defining different approaches for releases depending on their urgency and impact.

A CMS may manage more than one physical Configuration Management Databases (CMDB). Its underlying structure is defined by the Configuration Model, a logical model of the IT organization’s service assets.

A free CMS/ CMDB template is available in the ITIL Wiki:
Checklist CMS CMDB
Checklist CMS CMDB

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10th anniversary of the free ITIL® Wiki
It is now ten years since IT Process Maps published the first version of the free ITIL® Wiki, and over the years the 'IT Process Wiki' has grown into one of the most popular destinations on the internet for those who want to learn about ITIL® and IT service management best practices.

Millions of visits to our Wikis in English, German and Spanish from more than 190 countries are proof that there is strong demand for ITIL and its best practice recommendations.

Throughout the years, we kept receiving a lot of positive feedback, and here are some examples:

"I am one of the followers of your IT Process Wiki website. I should say that this is one of the best sources of ITIL, and you guys are really doing a great job. I have cleared my ITIL Foundation certification by following the contents on this website. This site is constantly updating with the latest updates in ITIL industry. It's a great "bible" for the people in the ITIL domain. I usually tell my colleagues to refer to this site for any information related to ITIL."

"First of all, I would like to thank you for your great and very informative IT Process Maps website and your ITIL Wiki, which has often helped me and my students to understand the details. [...]"

"I found your Wiki site a great resource when I made the jump from ITSM tools architect to an ITIL process consultant. As a starting point for someone in ITIL, I have yet to find a resource out there that matches it!"

Read the full article here:

Visit the ITIL Wiki:

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ITIL Wiki | Free ITIL Templates and Checklists
The most sought-after ITIL templates are available for you in the IT Process Wiki:

These ready-to-use templates and checklists are also a good starting point for designing ISO/IEC 20000 compliant documents and records.

As part of the ITIL Process Map, the ITIL 2011 templates were officially reviewed by AXELOS to verify their alignment with the official best practice guidance. They are thus officially ITIL® licensed.

ITIL Checklists
ITIL Checklists

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YaSM vs. ITIL®: The differences and similarities of the two service management frameworks

YaSM was designed to be well aligned with the IT Infrastructure Library ITIL® so that users familiar with ITIL will instantly recognize the common principles.

YaSM, however, is somewhat leaner and less complex. This was important to us because we think both large and small organizations should be able to benefit from service management best practice.

Head over to the YaSM Wiki:
- YaSM and ITIL: The main differences
- ITIL processes and corresponding YaSM processes
- Where YaSM goes beyond ITIL
- ITIL functions and YaSM

► Read it here:

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ITIL Wiki | Free template for Underpinning Contracts
The Underpinning Contract (UC) is a contract between an IT service provider and a third party. The third party provides supporting services that enable the service provider to deliver a service to a customer. Therefore, Underpinning Contracts must be aligned with the customer-facing Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The UC template from our ITIL Wiki summarizes the most important contents of an Underpinning Contract:
Checklist Underpinning Contract (UC)
Checklist Underpinning Contract (UC)

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Video | Free ITIL webinar
Best practice for IT service providers: The webinar on ITIL® and the ITIL Process Map (on-demand version):

+Stefan Kempter  will walk you through the ITIL Process Map and explain how your organization can use the ITIL process and document templates to introduce ITSM best practice according to ITIL.

Topics covered in the ITIL webinar:

1. We present examples of the process diagrams, so you get a good impression of their layout and the information contained on every level of detail.
2. Easy navigation in the process model with hyperlinks
3. ITIL checklists/ document templates that come with the ITIL Process Map
4. ITIL RACI Matrix
5. Excel repository of ITIL processes, data objects and roles
6. Adapting the process model to the needs of your organization
7. The ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge (an additional component for organizations that want to go for ISO 20000 certification).
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