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I empathise with the grandfather [ Christopher Ecclestone ] and the 5 year old.

#ASD #Autism  
At Joe's birthday party, tensions rise when it's suggested he has communication problems.
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+Google Maps explain this to me????

On some computers, on some days, Maps decides the whole planet is at night, this is not what I expect, because the map becomes of no use and purely ornament...

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The wise do not grieve ~ Buddha

The world is afflicted by death and decay. But the wise do not grieve, having realized the nature of the world.

– Buddha

Sutta Nipata

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As Marty and Moog would say over at Mighty Cars Mods...


SpaceX has done it again. For the third time in a row, the Falcon 9 rocket has delivered its payload in the upper atmosphere and returned to earth with a successful vertical propulsion landing on the drone ship Of Course I Still Love You. This time SpaceX released the best angle yet of the landing—from the rocket itself all the way from space.
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...cycle continued.

+steve cooksey what you think of the 4 foot Dandelion?
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+Robert Skeen
Castor, very very old place.

We have 'Kings Dyke' and 'Kings Delph'. I wonder where King John's treasure is...

...gravel bank near Holbeach ;0)
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Here's a story from a UK newspaper less than 18 months ago.

I will have to explain this, what with no light on the subject.

A few years ago I heard that 'Fenland' had a massive budget for #StreetLighting and fuck all to repair the roads. Some roads have been done this year, do you think it's because they've turned off the lighting in most of Fenland after 2AM...

Picture 1. from 'Norwoodside' footbridge looking South. 98% of the 17,000 people that live in this town are in that dark patch.

Picture 2. The same South view from the road, that Orange lamp post belongs to 'the railway, all the ones in the street are LED networked. [ They said 'the lights can be turned up brighter than old lights in case of an accident' ]

Picture 3. view West from the road.

Perversely, the white glow in the distance is a massive floodlight that lights up the old courthouse town, switched on a few months ago.
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+Robert Skeen the 'Obelisk' is in a rich, self-governing city.

Meanwhile in the Feudal Fenland area, [ 17 miles and in the same 'county' ] we have North Korean lighting at night... short, f-all!!!
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'Commercial station' #BBC are doing it slowly...

It seems that showing add logos on presenters hats is fine on BBC3.
I am guessing it's because BBC3 is no longer 'aired' but streamed. [ #ExtraGear the Top Gear spin-off had a guy in a Monster cap ]

Can't find an episode?

Some episodes of The Graham Norton Show may not be available in catch-up if they haven't been on TV recently.
But we've now added ways to buy and watch them instantly.

If they are 'available', I should be able to view them as a #licencePayer without further charge.
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The awakened heart itself ~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Why is compassion of foremost importance in the Buddha’s teachings? Because it is the root of all the vastness and profundity of the bodhisattva path. Compassion is the awakened heart itself.

– Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

from the book "The Tibetan Buddhism Reader"
ISBN: 978-1590308349 -

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche on the web:

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche biography:
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Hmm, I have little to do...

...loves me Treasure =]8¬_D
Laser imaging equipment is being used to explore the mystery surrounding the lost treasure of King John in 1216.
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3rd try to get this f-er to post...

Under an Oak by the river Nene. [ Pronounced NEEN, old spelling Neane, possibly, ne-ane/ney-ayn, 'not one', the rive that is not, was a massive wandering stream that upset King John's Treasure bearers back in the day ;0) ]
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TY x
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I spoiled myself with a new bike computer [ £3 ] so I'll be belching stats from now on in these photo posts ;0)

[ ED ]
Found the other pictures :0D

13 miles 8.8 MPH ave 23 MPH top, 492 calories burnt [ like I care ] 1 hour 30 of cycling time. [  2 hours 30 of sitting enjoying the view and shit ;0) ]

That flood plain was well grazed before the Romans arrived.

The willow tree [ branch broken and stabbed the bank for another 'leg', which must have been growing for a good time with that support to look like a separate tree!! ] has the most massive Honeysuckle I've every seen, mean git too ;0)
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I need regular hand surgeries, so riding without much grip on my left atm, hence only 23 ;0)
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I have a subscription to it's run by a great guy called Robin, he runs courses and has published a whole host of foraging.

His latest message made me think.

I learn what is 'edible' directly. I look, touch, smell, taste many things. [ the spiky Thistle in the garden tastes like lovely fresh celery without any bitterness at all ]

Here's Robin's story on #plantLore


Foraging in the early days for me, started as a way to
spend more time outside, to discover the marvels deep
within the hedges I walked by, while allowing me to
feed my family delicious and highly nutritious meals.
Meals that kept me as far away from the supermarket as
I could get.

Then something happened!

I met a man called Frank Cook who talked about ‘other
ways of knowing’ plants. At first I thought he was
bonkers! Learn about plants directly… what on earth
was he on about?

Then as I traveled overseas, plonked myself down in
forests, sat around with indigenous plant walkers
learning their plants and worldview, I realised that
Mr. Cook had been onto something. I started to
’see’ plants in ways that took me way beyond
anything I could have learnt in a botany class.
This was something different.

A way to engage with the plant kingdom using what
Stephen Harrod Buhner calls “direct perception”.
Using your whole body and intuition and not just your
head to learn their use as food and medicine.

In 2015 while I was in Myanmar, formerly Burma, I spent
time with some members of the Karen tribe, and
discovered something very interesting.

The practices I had learnt to ‘know plants’ at such
a deep, intimate, sensory level where pretty much the
exact same way that the Karen would meet a plant.

In the scientific papers this is known as ‘indigenous
scientific knowledge’, a fancy label that basically
means that they learn plants based on their senses
which include (amongst other things): touching,
hearing, smelling, tasting and sight.

No asking in a Facebook group, or flipping through
picture books, or even going through a wild flower key
as a ‘proper’ botanist would. Nope. These folks, as
well as numerous other land centric traditional
cultures I have met, learn plants from each other, and
directly from the plants themselves.

I am running this one-day course with my friend, and
fellow plant walker Olya Maiboroda, (you may have heard
me interview her in a recent podcast I did).

Olya and I speak the same language when it comes to
plants (even if she is Russian!). I first met her a few
years ago rummaging in a hedge around the Dartington
estate down in Devon. So we decided to team up and run
this unique course.

​​​​​​​Waking Up To Plants: Sensory Practices to Deepen Your
Connection to Nature

==> Read more at…

I hope you can make it, as Olya rarely runs courses
these days, and this is the only of this type she is
running this year.

Warmest regards

Robin Harford

A Forager's Wild Food Guide to the Edible Plants of Britain
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