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I empathise with the grandfather [ Christopher Ecclestone ] and the 5 year old.

#ASD #Autism  
At Joe's birthday party, tensions rise when it's suggested he has communication problems.
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...he remembers where his pain lives, inside...

When you have an older brother with #ADHD your 'watching' is seen as taking part...

...I watched with patience and interest as he dismantled and destroyed most of my toys, why mum thought this normal...

My first trauma was at 4, the main trauma at 8...

...they got the clown they didn't want...

Alison is hit hard when Joe's helper Maya looks set to be deported.
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unspeakable is lallie laloo's profile photo
Love this lecture
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The blue sky is a simple pleasure, enjoy it first.
The truth which is natural to awareness ~ Tilopa

Obsessive use of meditative disciplines or perennial study of scripture and philosophy will never bring forth this wonderful realization, this truth which is natural to awareness, because the mind that desperately desires to reach another realm or level of experience inadvertently ignores the basic light that constitutes all experience.

– Tilopa

quoted in the book "Teachers of Wisdom"
ISBN: 978-1434998989 -

Tilopa biography:
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Spiritual Teacher as Friend ~ 17th Karmapa

When looking for a spiritual teacher, in my view the starting point should be that they are a good person. You should consider not just whether the teacher is an educated and knowledgeable person, but also whether he or she is a genuinely good-hearted person who has real affection for you. This is hard to tell from the outside; a teacher doesn’t come wearing a sign saying, “I am good-hearted.”

People have different personalities. Rather than looking for teachers with a particular personality, you should examine whether or not they are kind, and whether or not they have a positive impact on others. Teachers can be reclusive or reserved, so you’ll have to use your own judgment to determine whether they care for you or inspire you in a positive way.

How long should you examine a potential teacher? This is not easy to say. It is not as if they immediately take care of all your spiritual or emotional needs. The connection has to be developed over time.

My own personal feeling is that there are actually two considerations in selecting a spiritual teacher. One is this initial process of examination. The other is trust. The relationship between teacher and student is a relationship that you have to cultivate. It is not something that you discover already fully developed. You let the teacher get to know you, including your faults. At the same time, you gain confidence that the teacher will continue to care for you as a student. It is important that you feel able to trust your teacher, and you yourself must also be trustworthy. In a relationship between spiritual teacher and student, trust has to be mutual.

– 17th Karmapa

from the book "The Heart Is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out"
ISBN: 978-1611800012 -

translated by Ngodup Tsering Burkhar & Damchö Diana Finnegan

17th Karmapa on the web:

17th Karmapa biography:
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...he stands in front of these people saying it is his LIFE to protect them...
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'turn the other cheek'
Offering to others the victory ~ Geshe Langri Thangpa

When others, out of jealousy
Treat me wrongly with abuse, slander, and scorn,
May I take upon myself the defeat
And offer to others the victory.

– Geshe Langri Thangpa

quoted in the book "Transforming the Mind"
ISBN: T978-0722540305 -

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Cunning linguist
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I was developing ARM client/server systems on TI OMAP3/4, In PHP, HTML5 (CSS/JS/HTML), and software applications in C. I am currently only supporting these applications.

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I took panoramic photos from the top of WTC tower 2 in 1998 (twin towers) and wrote my name on the Berlin wall in 1987 (not there anymore), #UniPirate
  • Watching OU in the 70's
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