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I've been running a Fate hack of Deadlands, and I thought I'd share with people what we've been using instead of dice.

Each player gets a deck of cards. When I call for a roll, they draw 4 cards.
- Clubs are -1 - Spades are +1
- Diamonds are neutral
- Hearts give a +1 shift bonus to a successful draw, but nothing on a failure
- Red Jokers give a +1, black Jokers give a -1. Jokers also give a free fate point, which must be used during the duration of the action (though not necessarily on the action). Red "joker points" go to the player, black "joker points" to the GM.

It's a fun twist on the regular 4dF. The hearts change the dynamic a bit, and Jokers have upped the ante for my players' creativity.
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+Jonathan Fearn - shuffling every time reduces the frequency of Joker draws. Everyone having a deck increases the Joker draws. On average you are going to run into a Joker 1/3 the way through the deck. That's 18 cards or 4.5 'rolls'.

Shrug. I'm not invested one way or another - whatever works for you and your group is the right way.

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