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Kevin Mack
If you're not learning something're being left behind.
If you're not learning something're being left behind.

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Well its been a really busy week, but here's the latest blog post to the new blog. This one being inspired by seeing the rough practices of some developers and looking at the basic SOLID principles for software development. Enjoy!

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Well the latest blog post is up on the new blog. A post about ramping up new talent. HTTPS://

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Moving Blog
Hello All, Just wanted to leave a note here that I am moving my blog from Blogger to using an open source platform called ghost. The new blog can be found... Thanks for your support and I hope you all find your way over.  I'...

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Latest blog post. Jut a quick bit about teaching and development. A valuable talk for any senior dev and something we should all consider when we delegate and work with other developers.

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Azure Talk
Just wanted to get an update out to let you know that nothings happened to me. Its amazing how little time you have when as a parent you go from a "double coverage" situation to "Man-to-man". It makes for some very long days, combined with getting up ever...

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Pretty awesome
C# Futures: Closure Annotations

Though on the “Some Interest” list, the next proposal is very controversial. The basic premise for the Lambda Capture Lists proposal is that it would allow more control over how variables are captured in closures.

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Azure APIs = Digital Legos
As was mentioned in the previous post, I had to modify my azure series because of the exciting new announcements that were made in the past few months.   For those of us who see the perks and power behind platform as a service (PaaS) there is definitely a l...

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Well I created the BigMackBytes Facebook page to serve as a companion to the blog to help with discussion and work for those interested.

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Advanced Topics Talk
Well as I posted on my course site.  I am officially closing out the Spring 2015 semester.  This semester was plagued with several scheduling problems, and as a result at times felt a little rushed.  So today I held a "make-up" of my advanced topics class a...

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Long overdue post!
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