Borrowing technology from Nature

My contribution to #sciencesunday curated by +Allison Sekuler and +Robby Bowles
A recent visit to the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology opened up a whole new world for me, the world of nano materials and their applications. I was particularly interested in the ‘Lotus effect’ which was explained by the scientists there.
Ever wondered why water doesn’t stay on a lotus leaf, or on a duck's back? The leaves of a lotus plant repel water. They are structured in such a way that if water falls on the leaf’s surface little beads of water form instead of spreading out, and they just roll off.
Not only leaves of most plants and feathers of water birds, but also wings of butterflies, dragon flies and other insects have this water repellent property. This principle has been applied to create nano coatings on textiles and other products to make them self cleaning and dust free.
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