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Jenny Bannock
I talk about yarn, art, and writing a lot.
I talk about yarn, art, and writing a lot.


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+Matthew Bannock​, who needs to hear this every so often. 😸
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Oh hey I still exist here have a thing #anna   #oc   #tea  
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I #edited  this short story--check it out (along with the whole anthology) for a wild sci-fi ride. Enjoy!
Bonus #SaturdayScenes !  This is a scene from my short story "Get Kidd to Bounty," part of the science fiction anthology Defiant, She Advanced: Legends of Future Resistance, out Monday.  Story edited by +Jenny Bannock, who should edit your next short story, too. 

You can -- and should! -- pre-order Defiant, She Advanced at -- You'll really like it!


Spooked by their almost getting robbed, Karren decided they ought to leave the woods and cross down south of the tracks and road, so they did. There was nothing this far out but the track and road. There were two more stops for the train, then at the foot of the mountains the track would split, part bending north, serving the mining communities near the mountains, part continuing through a mostly-natural valley between two peaks into Bounty. 

Makepeace would be watching the valley pass into Bounty.  Hell, he’d probably be watching everywhere, but their best option was to turn due south and make for the entrance to a tunnel through the mountains. It would add another fifteen kilometers to their trip, but they were OK on water, and she had enough extra lubricant to make up for the leak for a while. And somewhere even in this near-wasteland there would be a general store with saddlery where she could buy something to stanch her mount’s bleeding.

She was right about the general store, and they saw it from a kilometer away. Despite the burning daylight and their need to get to the tunnel, Karren had them approach cautiously. The biggest moon had risen, from the east, looking full for now, with the sun still a few hands high in the sky. By the time the sun set, the moon would reflect precious little sunlight.

With no sign of either cops or robbers, Karren and Kidd stopped at hitching posts outside the store. Out this far, the place would service as many real horses as AI ones. 

The man who owned this store wouldn’t be calling Justice on them, Karren reckoned. Living and working a few kilometers off the beaten path, which path itself was many kilometers from anywhere, and you probably had less regard for the Government than she currently did. 

The owner had more lines in his face than the blasted, craggy ground outside his store. It was mostly hidden by a shock of white hair up top and a bushy white-gray beard. His hands were hide-tan, his forehead pasty white: a life working outside, always with a hat on. He looked at her as she picked through stuff, but not with any measurable interest.

Presently Kidd brought her two bottles of water. She brought the water, some jerky and some patch for her mount up to the counter that the owner leaned on. He seemed about to move, or somehow acknowledge her, when somewhere nearby a fone chirped. The old man looked in the direction of the sound and furrowed his brow. Karren gathered the fone didn’t ring much in the store. She nodded to Kidd and they waited for the man to take his fone call.

“You Karren Considine?” the man said. Karren’s heart sank. She nodded. “It’s for you.”

She glumly slung the fone over her right ear, and right away heard, “Ms. Considine? This is Sergeant Howard Makepeace, Justice.”

“Lieutenant,” Karren said.

Makepeace seemed thrown. “I really am a Sergeant.”

“Then it should come naturally to you to address me as Lieutenant.”

“Oh, yes, your war service,” Makepeace said. “I apologize, Lieutenant Considine. As I’m sure you’re aware, not much of the war made its way to Surfeit, and not many people emigrate here, and I obviously just find myself outside my comfort zone where you’re concerned. Still, that was inexcusable of me.”

“Do you have something to say to me, Sergeant?”

“I do, Lieutenant Considine. I want to urge you to stay there where you are, at Old Man Foster’s store, you and Michael Kidd. We’re no more than ten minutes behind you. I would like to avoid prolonging this pursuit, if I can.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“There’s no reward, if that’s what you mean. But as far as I know, you’ve yet to commit a crime. If you say so, I’m willing to believe you encountered Michael Kidd after we searched for him at that pub, so you haven’t obstructed justice. Even the man you shot to death had his gun on you first, by the account of his wounded partner. At most, at present, you’re guilty of no more than taking a long ride with what I’m sure is a borrowed mechanical horse.”

Shit, Karren thought. I thought I’d been obstructing justice all along. She knew better than to wonder how Makepeace would know about the “borrowed” horse, she just appreciated it for the additional threat it was.

“You haven’t gotten to the part where you tell me what’s in it for me.” She was hurrying and paying for their merchandise as she spoke. 

“As I say, you’ve yet to commit a crime. If you leave the store, you will be doing so against what I’d call my urging, to be polite. That, I’m afraid, Lieutenant, would constitute obstruction. What’s in it for you is not being charged with a crime.”

Makepeace’s offer made a whole lot of sense, Karren thought. Maybe she didn’t make a whole lot of sense herself, anymore, but that the warning came from Makepeace was the main reason she was going to ignore it. The transaction complete with Old Man Foster, she quickly said into the fone, “tell me what Kidd has done.” Then she unlooped it and tossed it to Foster, miming to him to keep the call engaged. She hustled Kidd out the door and they mounted. She impressed upon Kidd their new urgency, and they made off at almost a trot. Karren was pretty sure Foster wouldn’t have kept the call going. And if Makepeace said ten minutes, it was probably five… although, in that case, why call? She felt the smallest of rushes of hope, as she convinced herself that Makepeace and the Justice cops were at least twenty minutes behind.
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OMG look what came in the mail today!! :D So excited to add it to my Shelf of Honor! :D +Rafael Chandler it looks awesome! :D #HelenDamnation      #proofreading   #novels  
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I've seen a bunch of #avengersageofultron  trailer mashups, but this is my favorite so far! 
Someone replaced the audio on the Age of Ultron trailer with Lorde's Everybody Wants To Rule The World cover.

+Sarah Rios I am tagging you so hard right now
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Writers! I am nearly open for #proofreading  if you're looking for some #editing  help on your current project. I'll be finished with my most recent client in just a couple of days. Don't send your novel out into the world without a final polish--contact me and let me help you shine!
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Hey, to all my #anime‬  and #geek  friends: anyone know where I might be able to sell a box or two of #manga  in pristine or very good condition? It's a mix of titles and genres, just stuff I'm getting rid of after years of storage. I'd rather not just give them away, because of the initial investment. Powell's and Amazon are not options. I would also donate them in exchange for a pair of ConnectiCon Convention tickets. Please share and ping me if you have suggestions!
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I proofread this and it is EXCELLENT! Order this like NOW, guys!
My new novel, The Astounding Antagonists, is available now. Please help me spread the word about this tale of demented supervillains! #HelenDamnation

A cryogenic drug lord, a hellbound jewel thief, a metallokinetic communist, a church-burning psychopath, and a megalomaniacal inventor: they are the Antagonists, the most dangerous supervillains alive.

Pursued by violent superheroes and high-tech billionaire vigilantes, these villains have assembled in order to pull off the perfect crime. There's just one catch: if they succeed, they might just save the world.

From the skyscrapers of Apex City to the depths of the Marianas Trench, the Antagonists wage war on their jackbooted enemies. But as loyalties are tested and old hatreds are rekindled, the line between friend and foe begins to blur...

Amazon (Kindle):

Amazon (print):

Lulu (print):
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I've been working on this novel for years, and it's finished! I'll be releasing The Astounding Antagonists next week on Amazon (print and kindle), and also in print via Lulu! Can I get a HELL YEAH?

It's about a group of supervillains: a bloodthirsty demon, a megalomaniacal inventor, a metal-manipulating communist, a wisecracking jewel thief, and a cryokinetic drug lord. These Antagonists are the protagonists. Go figure.

They're on the run from superheroes: black-belt billionaires, grim vigilantes, and jingoistic defenders of the status quo: The American Division, The Dazzling Diamonds, and lone heroes like Streethawk, Brainframe, and Terminal.

The Astounding Antagonists is about supervillains who break laws because they believe that these laws truly need breaking. These villains know that they're bastards and criminals, but they also believe that they're in the right. For what it's worth, I was thinking about the Weather Underground when I was writing the book.

This novel is the story of Motley, Chillpill, Dr. Agon, Helen Damnation, Coltan, and Baelphegor, but in a way, it's also the story of my life. It's rather odd to say about a superhero novel, but yeah, this is pretty autobiographical (in all the worst ways). A lot of childhood memories, things I've been through at work, relationships with friends, issues with family... A lot of it is based on my experiences.

I started scribbling notes for the novel in 2006, but it wasn't until two years ago that I really started writing it. Honestly, I can't believe I'm finished.

Anyhow, I am weary, but deliriously happy. Can't wait to put this monster on the street next week (probably on Tuesday). When it hits, if you can help me to spread the word, I will be extremely grateful. The Astounding Antagonists is an indie novel, self-published, so it's not like I've got a marketing department to help me out. For what it's worth, I'll be using the #HelenDamnation hashtag, because I like her name.

Thanks for listening, comrades! If you have questions, fire away, but if you ask for details about the plot, I'm going to be cagey, because I don't like spoiling the fun!
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I've been in a funk for the past few months here due to my Bunny's health issues, but textile work is the one thing that has kept me going. When this all began in June, after a long dry spell of knitting or spinning very little, I picked up my wheel, spindles, and needles and found solace in yarn. This is what I've started (and in most cases, finished) since I began.
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