On April 7th I had to go meet a colleague arriving at Hamburg Airport.
The weather forecast looked good, so I planned to arrive by train and then just walk to the airport proper (more or less 10km).

Even if in the end the weather wasn't very good I kept to the original idea because it was a good chance to experiment with geotagging.

My new camera has not embedded GPS, so to geotag pictures I opted for Geotagr (http://www.galarina.eu/geotagr/) on my iPhone, and then reconciled the pictures to the tracking info via Houdahgeo (http://www.houdah.com/houdahGeo/).

Neither are free, but the total price was not too steep, and the final result seems to be more than adequate for very little effort.
HBF to HAM (Hamburg: April 7th, 2015)
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