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A series of conversations with leading figures in public life, hosted by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.
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Paolo Marino

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Kaz Tanahashi calligraphy seminar in Hamburg - 13 to 16 of May, 2016

Advanced Calligraphy Seminar with Kazuaki (Kaz) Tanahashi - organized by Petra Hinterthür.

As usual you will find pictures from the seminar itself interspersed with pics taken coming and going to the actual practice.
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Paolo Marino

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This sounds interesting and I think I'll try it.
The Message

1. Go in the direction that appeals to you most.
2. When you reach your reflection, stand still.
3. Passersby will give you guidance. Follow.
4. Approach the quiet.
5. Soon, you will see the message.
Go for a walk. But do it by this fun, quirky, experience-provoking recipe. Often-game designer Jackson Tegu says he also creates “experiences”, which could sound smart-ass, but just seems smart giv…
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Paolo Marino

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Surprising Changes to Google Maps's Cartography Browsing Google Maps over the past year or so, I've often thought that there are fewer labels than there used to be. Google's cartography was revamped three years ago – but surely this didn't include a reduction in labels? Rather, the sparser maps appear to be a recent development. A few days ago, I was looking at some screenshots I used for a post in April 2010. I've posted one of tho...
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Paolo Marino

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This photo collection of 423 manhole covers in Japan is nowhere near as dull as it sounds. No, really. I'm being serious! This entry was posted in Miscellaneous. Bookmark the permalink. Search this website: More posts. Previous post: WordPress login failures. Next post: Domain registration scam ...
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Paolo Marino

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Stralsund - May 8th, 2016
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Paolo Marino

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How to download the full waybackmachine cache for a given url
waybackpack - Download the entire Wayback Machine archive for a given URL.
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Paolo Marino

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By Alexander Hagelüken and Alexander Mühlauer The United States government is putting more intense and significantly more far-reaching pressure on the European Union than previously thought during the...
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Paolo Marino

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Alessandro Baricco paints a lively portrait of the modern-age barbarian in his 2014 book, The Barbarians. He initially frames the…
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@karlkovacs Impacts conversations too; my wife says everything I say is "precise". Can't help it I don't like extra words. pjmeade · Apr 4. pjmeade @pjmeade. @karlkovacs @pandapoo fortunately science writing allows slightly more leeway. cemre (molada). Apr 4. cemre (molada) @uglyturtleduck ...
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«Il faut que cet homme soit un grand ignorant, car il répond à tout ce qu'on lui demande.»
[ Voltaire ]

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Very pleasant stay in March 2016. Nice room, great common areas, very good breakfast
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I enrolled full time here as soon as I moved to Rostock and I am quite happy with the dojo, the atmosphere in general and my fellow aikidokas. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere and truly dedication to Aikido. Also, the group is more than willing to take part or organize different activities that have some kind of connection with Martial Arts, sports in general or Japanese culture. (Take also in account that I come from a long practice with a different Ryu in a different country, and I think these elements give me a more objective stance in my review).
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