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Dorian Dorey Rhodes (coffeesister)
coffee for the soul made w/warmth, wisdom, wit & quotable grokking
coffee for the soul made w/warmth, wisdom, wit & quotable grokking


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Unless we’re making #progress, we’re facing stagnation and the #time has come for taking #action; take a #chance to make a #change.

Given +DW Rhodes' and my efforts to move, I've shared our rich moving history.. It's a #journey that's taught us to never give up and that #loss can #create #opportunity. #Spoonies #NeverGiveUp ~_~

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I’m a #spoonie determined to #thrive, not just #survive, and you can #help make that #possible with my #crowdfunding #campaign to move. In a supportive environment, I could work on improving my #health once again instead of being stuck in #survival mode. Any dollar amount will make a difference and, whether or not you donate, simply sharing this link makes a huge difference too;

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In memory of G[eorge]D[onald] Dorey, my G[od]D[amn] Granddad:
Don Dorey, you are missed and we are better for knowing you..

Two weeks in, it's not any easier but I'm starting to process the #loss – as profound as it is. He was so much more than my #Granddad; my first best #friend, the man who raised me, my moral compass, a final connection to #Grandma, my namesake, the architect of my place in this world, my universal constant. He changed my world inexpressibly for the better by being in it and has changed it again, inexorably and forever, by leaving it. I only hope this #poem & post convey an inkling of how incredible it was to have him in my #life.

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#Happy4thOfJuly : To embrace the #independence of being free from outside control, we must exercise the independence of thinking for ourselves. Despite varying degrees of privilege, we are not truly #free if we’re not willing to imagine a #world radically different than the one we know. That willingness, that independence of thought, is what the #4thOfJuly is really about. Few #freedoms exist that new thinking didn’t help create.

#change #choices #equality #freedom #hope
#DeclarationOfIndependence #FunFacts

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In a world with so much to do, and too much to be done, we default to a setting of #BusyBee and can end up too busy to #JustBe . As we manage our time amidst the #busyness , we need to be willing to waste time:

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

#priorities #spoonies #TimeManagement

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My farewell to #MayaAngelou : replete with #quotes , #poetry , #LifeLessons , and #hope ; #Maya survived unthinkable struggles by choosing to #thrive , overcame hardship by allowing it to fuel her, fought #prejudice by becoming a loving #activist , and – in perhaps her most compassionate act of all – wrote it all down for us.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya makes us feel hope.

#IveLearned #TouchedByAnAngel #MayaAngelouQuotes  
#RIPMayaAngelou   #RIP

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My journey to and through this city of my heart.. Born across the bay, my connection to the #BayArea has always been strong despite not growing up here.

“No city invites the heart to come to life as #SanFrancisco does. 
Arrival in San Francisco is an experience in living.” — William Saroyan

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#HappyBirthday #StephenColbert! For Stephen's 50th birthday, a portrait in the words that were “The Word” & #quotes that reveal the man behind the man..
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A #poem for my mum, +Phyllis Dorey Thiessen; Happy #MothersDay, Momma! The word #MOM turned upside down spells #WOW, and that sums mine up wonderfully well yet – as you'll see – there's more to tell..

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Given my lifelong love affair with #coffee, my “coffeesister” moniker is no surprise but there’s more to it. From the fellowship my family's always shared over coffee and #tea to the friends found sharing a cuppa with someone, I believe in the ritual of it. [not to mention the #health benefits |_|)]
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