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Theo Stiegler
father of Mahaska & Paul
father of Mahaska & Paul

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for the shorter jazz lovers in your life:
Best ever 'Little Bill' episode - check out this particular version of Clark Terry's 'mumbles' at about 7:40 of this clip!

Post has attachment favourite german wordsmith - hier mal auf englisch:

every time I receive a call my ATT motox2 (on lollipop), it jumps into priority mode and out of vibrate mode - what the heck is going on? any suggestions?

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"“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it..."

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A shared moment of vulnerability
is much more powerful than any sign of strength.

This research is kicking my proverbial “you know what” – personally and professionally. So I thought I’d share it: What is my sense of worthiness, my willingness to be vulnerable, my effort to place blame?

sometimes, the fastest way to get there is to go slow
and sometimes, if you really want to hold on you got to let go

- tina dickow (count to ten)

does anyone know what happened to the power/brightness/wifi/GPS toggle widget? in lollipop?... the only real issue I have with the update so far...
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