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Retirement has given me a lot of time to clear out a lot of the junk in my house. It has also given me time to examine various storage systems.

Several target goals are to redo one of the bathroom sinks and cabinets, add a room in the basement, and build a sturdy workbench.

Of the four bedrooms upstairs, one is dedicated as an office and another has over time become a storeroom.

The storeroom contains many archived records which should be electronically scanned, obviating the need for storing the original paper files. Sturdy heavy duty shelving from floor to walls would free up a lot of the floor space.

The office is also quite cramped. Key to freeing up that space would be to get rid of all my old books that I no longer use. What stops me is that some of these books might be valuable.

One of the biggest time wasters is the constant flow of mail. On my strong days, I immediately tear up and throw out all unnecessary mail and take care of the urgent mail right away. In my office, I keep a box to store my accumulated mail.

There is much more to this story, but this is a good start. Constructive comments are welcome.
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