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Russell Cook

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Crash in the Mekanism Miner while entering an ore dict string.

RR 2.4.7b

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Got a crash in BOP loading an existing world.  Trying to load a second time succeeded.

RR 2.4.7a-BETA

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Getting a crash in Mekanism with the latest update loading an exiting world.

 RR 2.4.6

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Incredible work this company is doing.
Part II of the very cool Oblong "gesture-based computing" session

Continuation of the mind-blowing demo.

This is part II (Part I at showed off the technology, in Part II you see where Oblong is taking the technology and productizing it). John Underkoffler, chief scientist, Oblong Industries, was the tech advice behind the film "Minority Report" and then he built his own company to make that science fiction real. Here he shows me his latest work which is, indeed, mind blowing. This is part I, in Part II, you'll see a new conference room that Oblong has built using these technologies. Learn more at

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OK... so watch this...

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review

Then this...

OH MY DAYUM - Songify the 5 Guys Review

Great example of reusing content in a way that benefits both parties. When we restrict content usage completely, we lose out on great content like this.

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The power of GPU's is becoming very scary to security and encryption software.

Why do programmers think asking if Oct 31 and Dec 25 are the same day is funny?

So, how long will Android remain open while competitors continue to fork their own proprietary versions ... so far Amazon and Baidu.

On my run this morning, saw a peacock roaming the neighborhood. Weird.
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