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Twinkle Sugandha Varshney
I am a writer living in the words of my dreams..
I am a writer living in the words of my dreams..

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Crooks & Kings by London Miller
Title: Crooks & Kings Series: The Wild Bunch #1 Author: London Miller Genre: Romantic Suspense/Organized Crime Release Date: March 20, 2017 Blurb In a game of crooks and kings, only the cunning survive …   She was a girl with secrets. He was a man with demo...

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AWAKENINGS SERIES Books 1 & 2 by Lisa Bilbrey Genre: Erotica, Polyamory Content Warning: Over 18. Graphic Sex between M/M and F/F, as well as M/M/F/F Elle Reid and Sadie Williams are best friends, turned lovers. Always considering themselves to be friends w...

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Teasing Tyler by Dani Nichole
Title: Teasing Tyler Series: Amberwood Affairs #2 Author: Dani Nichole Genre: Erotica/New Adult Release Date: March 23, 2017 Blurb The man who won her heart, pleasured her, and broke her is back. And he's back to make her his for good. Sharing The Virgin fa...

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Explored by the Mountain Man in Space by Frankie Love
Title: Explored by the Mountain Man in Space Author: Frankie Love Genre: Contemporary Release Date: March 23, 2017 Blurb Boldly going where no mountain man has gone before … I’m determined to make a fortune on this new frontier. Five years in, my mail-order...

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Save My Heart by Rhonda James
Title: Save My Heart Series: Sticks & Hearts #3 (Standalone) Author: Rhonda James Genre: Sports Romance Release Date: March 16, 2017 Blurb I’ve spent my entire life protecting something. The net. My teammates. My sister. I’ve played hockey my entire life. H...

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Hot Witness by Lynn Raye Harris
Title: Hot Witness Series: MacKenzie Family novella Author: Lynn Raye Harris Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: March 21, 2017 Blurb Eva Gray has a secret. Eight years ago, her sister entered the Brothers of Sin Motorcycle Club and never came back. S...

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White Pawn By Stevie J Cole
Title: White Pawn Author: Stevie J Cole Genre: Romantic Suspense   Release Date: March 22, 2017 Blurb This could have been a love story. It could have been, but he screwed that all up. You see, he thinks it’s a game. He thinks I’m his pawn, but he couldn’t ...

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The Color of Pain By MELISA E. ARNOLD
Contemporary Fiction Date Published:  March 2016 As a small boy, Alex becomes ensnared in the schemes of his mother, Cathlean, as she seeks to entrap a white British soldier, John, and “marry up” to improve her status in life. Her plan comes to fruition whe...

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Legacy Lost by Jillian David
Title: Legacy Lost Series: Hell's Valley #2 By: Jillian David Publication Date: March 27, 2017 Publisher:  Crimson Romance Genre: Western Paranormal Romance #legacylosttour Growing up as an honorary Taggart, Eric Patterson found the family he’d always wante...

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Fall With Me By Jayne Frost
Title: Fall With Me Series: Sixth Street Bands #2 Author: Jayne Frost Genre: New Adult Release Date: December 15, 2016 Blurb As the bassist for the band Caged, the last three years have been one, long non-stop party. Sure, I’ve had some regrets. Everyone do...
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