Fracking for Clean Affordable Natural Fuel

There has been a great deal of misunderstanding posted about new processes being used in the Upstream (Exploration and Production) sector of the Oil and Gas Industry. Combining horizontal drilling with "Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) of shale beds to release abundant amounts of natural gas is good for the economy and the environment in several ways.

- It has created thousands and thousands of jobs during the  economic downturn.

- $Billions in badly needed revenue has been contributed to state treasuries hard hit by the recession (see subsequent posts).

- US Manufacturing, especially heavy Industry is highly dependent on abundant low cost fuel, creating many jobs while realizing a Manufacturing Renaissance helping bring jobs back from overseas, boosting US GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

- US Power Utilities depend on abundant low cost fuel to produce electricity...Many are converting to the much cleaner burning fossil fuel (natural Gas) from coal, cutting carbon emissions dramatically while holding costs down.

- Energy Security is high on the list of National Security

The "fright night" scary stories about "drinking water pollution" will continue being told mostly by people who haven't educated themselves on the process, it's history nor the statistics that are available.

Once everyone educates themselves on the process and understands the potential abundance of clean burning energy the US now has available, I really believe even the hard core environmentalists will see the light in comparison to history and other energy options. The US has reduced CO2 emissions faster than any other country over the last 6 years.

The folks over at "Energy From Shale" stated it well:
"Fracking has emerged as a contentious issue in many communities, and it is important to note that there are only two sides in the debate: those who want our oil and natural resources developed in a safe and responsible way; and those who don’t want our oil and natural gas resources developed at all. Development does bring with it some challenges, but the oil and natural gas industry has and will continue to work with concerned citizens, regulators and policy makers to make sure that it is done responsibly." 

Make sure and visit to learn more. 

Note: This is not a commercial plug. As a concerned individual, I just want to help sort out some of the public misconceptions in the energy markets, especially about the Oil and Gas Industry.

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