Education Extremes #1 (YouTube; Veritasium Channel – From atoms to astrophysics)
This is the first in a short series of "Educational Reform and Resources", posts I hope to make.  I have been doing some research recently and I can tell you that the private sector is vastly outpacing the public sector in production of educational materials, up through the highest learning levels, including life-long continuing self taught education.

Extreme Education at all levels is possible and freely available now without structured Institutions or a governmental based "central scrutinizer" directing or infusing political indoctrination in the process, including political or religious affiliation.

This is the primary reason our education system in the US continues to lag behind numerous countries and fails us all!

With the tools that are readily available and free at all levels of the educational spectrum, there is no more need for the "US Department of Education", what-so-ever IMO.

Superior services can be offered by State and Local Municipalities as Revenue Sources and Governing Bodies only. 

Teachers can be freed up for more input into their profession of choice and make a much greater impact using today's on-line tools in their curriculum.

IMO – Premium services are going to be provided by home schooling in the future, with more tools than ever now. 
Science is evolving so quickly that it would take an agency larger than the NSA to eavesdrop and categorize everything that is happening worldwide in science advancement now. 

Many of us older folks were taught that the Elements on the Periodic Chart, which comprise (make up) everything we interface with physically could only exist in 3 states, Solid, Liquid and Gas. However, later on, we found out that all the elements can also exist in a 4th state known as “Plasma”.

Kids can text all day long on frozen plastic and not even know that it is frozen, or ride in a car and not know that metal freezes at another temperature BUT:

When was the last time your kid came home and asked you to show them what “Plasma” was? They can touch an Ice cube or frozen plastic smart-phone, texting someone all day and not even know that it is frozen.  Good chance is, you probably didn’t either!

Before I go any further with this series of posts, I am going to demonstrate what I have claimed so far with a simple video from one of the leading educational video purveyors today in the video below:

You can demonstrate the elemental state of PLASMA in your Microwave today for almost any student:
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