This is an extremely important authoritative and well written article for anyone engaged in any form of Marketing these days. It defines the cutting edge of marketing today IMO.

I highly recommend it for anyone in business for themselves and everyone who owns a website.
A complete SMO / SEO Guide For Business in Social & Search.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) for SEO, The future is optimizing for users!

Yes, it's finally here. My comprehensive project outlining the future of search and social media that I've spent the last few weeks working on. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it and welcome to the new blog REALSMO.

I suggest you share this as a sure way to increase your engagement and sharing from your social networks, as they learn the true power of Social Media Optimization.

① Are social signals phasing out SEO for more perceptive search?
② Learning from collective preferences en masse using social media.
③ An explanation of Social Media Optimization, its early definition.
④ The seventeen early rules of Social Media Optimization.
⑤ SMO's relationship with SEO & growing intelligence of search.
⑥ Is it time to rewrite SMO rules? User experience then optimization
⑦ All new principles SMO, Focus on the user and all elSEO will follow.
⑧ Authorship & Google+, royal marriage of Search and Social Media.
⑨ This is just my Pilot Episode, here's related SMO topics coming.
⑩ Let's travel 10 years into the future, where Google Search is going.

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