Tim Huntley published a fairly comprehensive list of "Crowdfunding" Sources he found for all entrepreneurial disciplines, by "An Entrepreneurial Life". Note that they can also be found on FB.

For those of you who are not aware of what "Crowdfunding" or "Crowdsourcing" is, spend a little time on the links Tim has provided in his space over there. 

Briefly, through the Internet entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs have and are creating a bankless venture start-up culture in times of credit need where credit wasn't and isn't likely or even available, during harder or "leaner financial institution" lending times.

The system seems to be working well for all parties since it highly depends on popular voting through personal funding. 

+Tim Huntley 's  G+ blog over there is full of great information for any and all entrepreneurs. Any time spent there is time well spent.

Crowdfunding Platforms for Entrepreneurs

I have compiled a list of crowdfunding platforms for entrepreneurs.  The list doesn't included funding platforms like Kickstarter that focus on projects/perks, but focuses instead on debt and equity financing for startups.

Let me know if who I have missed. #crowdfunding   #startup  
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