My Thank You Circle
I don't share circles often because I hate to leave good people out. This is a small circle made up of people you might not know about. This included people who comment on my posts and are themselves active in the Google+ community and who are not well known in the Google+ Community. They are people you probably have not encountered in other circles and are worth checking out. I tried to include only people who have under 6000 people circling them. The exception I made was +Rahul Roy because he does a lot of work on Google+ and deserves to have more people following him than he does right now. If you are not included in this circle please don't be offended, I might have accidentally left you out. I have been watching who comments on my posts recently and compiled this small circle of "regulars".

Thank you those of you who read, and comment on my posts. Just because you are not in this circle doesn't mean I don't appreciate you. I wanted to make a smaller circle to highlight a few good users that others may not know about.
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