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A Great Place to Share and Add Circles

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New for 2014, the Panasonic KX-PRL262B Link2Cell Dock Style Bluetooth Cordless Phone is compatible with iPhone 5/5s, iPod touch and iPad mini models with lightning connectors.

Designed for ease-of-use, the telephone system offers an array of unique features for rich functionality including text message alert which notifies users when they have a new text message on their iPhone, transfer of phone book entries from the iPhone via Bluetooth technology, ring as cell which allows the handset to ring the same ringtones as the iPhone, and talking caller ID that announces incoming calls.

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The most important circle you will ever want to add 13th Edition


In here are the people who Re-Share , all the people in here have shared one of my posts in the last 16 days.

There is only one rule for getting included in this circle and that is to Re-Share either this circle or one of my other circles or one of my other posts or just Re-Share any of the circles on my page they are all full of awesome people and I regularly add new circles making sure you have the most relevant up to date circles.   

I will ensure this is kept up to date to the best of my ability, I check all recent posts regularly and also track the ripples to ensure I capture as many people as possible, however sometimes Google does not show all activity so sorry if I missed you, Re-Share again and I will add you in.   

Sharing is good for us all, by sharing the circle you are telling your followers you want them to share to, also the more a circle is shared the more confidence it projects which in turn means more people add the people in the circle, so if your in it, share it, its good for all of us.   

Remember there is only one rule Re-Share

Please share my circles and all the circles I post from others which I would love you to Re-Share and check out the people in them.   

Finally if you have a circle you would like on the page please share with me even if I am not included in the circle as I would like to offer everyone who follows the best circles available and their is so many if you don't share with me I miss them.   

Thank You

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ART and ART LOVERS Circle  - PART 1 - by #laurasannashewolf    UPDATED Genuary the 27th 2014


If you wanna be added, SHARE THE CIRCLE PUBLICLY or  to Community, +1 and COMMENT the post with ADD ME,so there can be more and more people to share the same interest ;)

If you are included in this Circle, please give +1 and share this circle PUBLICLY, so that you are included in the next Circle Update. Anyone who does not share, is not included in the next Art Circle. One only Simple Important Rule 

#art  #publicsharedcircles    #growyourcircles          #art   #artist   #artlovers   #visualart   #visualart   #visualartist   #fineart #fineartist   #fineartpls   #photography   #painting   #digitalart #digitalartist   #sculpture   #circles   #artcircles   #circlesharing #circleshare   #freecircle  
#publicsharedcircles   #artistcircle   #publiccircles                                                                              

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Proud to release the next version of 
Favorite engagers v.4 
Please note : I will share mainly with my page : 
+Michael's Awesome Circles 
For future   #circleshare  you might want to consider to follow that page.

I am really grateful for all the people following me and interacting with me on a daily basis. So I decided to share the love and a circle with engagers. Please feel free to comment , share or recommend people I obviously forgot to add. 

Some easy to follow instructions 
Plussing, commenting and re-sharing is always appreciated.
You WANT to get into the circle ?
1. Engage!  this is not a circle where you will be just added when you plus and comment . While every plus and every comment is appreciated, this is a circle of people I see active in my stream . 
2. You are active but still not in here ? Leave a comment 
3. Get someone to recommend you. I will look at your profile and decide then.. :) 
4. Send me a pm and tell me why you want to be in .. maybe I just forgot to add you or didn't think you were interested. 

You think someone else should be in the circle ?
1. leave a recommendation in the comment or 
   send me a pm, whatever you prefer. 

*You don’t want to be in this circle ?  
Tell me via pm and I will remove you :)* 

if I somehow missed you and did  not include you in this circle, please let me know and it will be corrected on the next share. 

#circles   #circleshare #circlesharing #sharedcircles #sharingcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday #circlesunday #share #shared #followers #addcircles #publicsharedcircles #share #addpeople #addcircle #addfriends #circle #empireavenue #socialmedia     #influencers #influencer #influence #influencermarketing   #fridaycircle   #fridaycircleshare   #circlefriday   #friday  

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TESLA Super Science Circle 2014!!!! : A quality circle curated carefully and tended over 2 years. If you like science or are interested in science, this circle is a must for you! Add and share for science.+

Who is in this circle? NASA, KQED Science, MNN, Bioscienca, Scientists, (Garett Lisi too!).... have rejigged the circle for the nth time and cleaned it to include people who are active on the Science on G+ community. Community link is here and the Page is +Science on G+!

Add and Share for Science! Its what makes our cars run, our cities exist, the lights burn and has been instrumental in our progress.
Want to nominate someone? Please do so in comments. If you want to recommend something let us know. People who are notified are part of the circle.

#science #tesla #scienceongplus #scienceeveryday  

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Hey my friends. Good morning/evening to all!
Circle brings together nice and interesting people with similar interests ...
Буду признателен всем, кто присоединится и поделится этим кругом.
Share and be shared
Этот круг объединяет людей со схожими интересами...
I would be grateful to all those who will join and share it around.

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Great Blue Heron Hilton Head, SC

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Spring Fury
Watson Falls plunges 300 feet over an amphitheater wall of basalt and crashes into a vibrant mossy talus slope in the Umpqua National Forest in Oregon.

The fifth and tallest waterfall I visited this day was more challenging than I thought it would be. Read more about it at

#NatureMonday curated by +Rolf Hicker and +Jen Baptist 
#LandscapePhotography curated by +Margaret Tompkins, +Carra Riley, +David Heath Williams, +Bill Wood, +Landscape Photography

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Daily Circle #5
The #CircleMaster 's circles are meant to be shared. I will be releasing a circle daily. Sharers will be rewarded by being included sooner and in more circles. All you need to do is learn to share these circles and you will soon see the benefits of active sharing on Google+. 

My goal for daily shares is 100 for now ; considering their are 500 people in each share and 9000 people following, I will be raising my standards over time. If you would like to be included in tomorrow's share, share this circle. You can also share previous circles released this week to be included even more often.

Day 4 (115 shares)

Day 3 (97 shares)

Day 2 (95 shares)

Day 1 (152 shares)

Please note that sometimes you need a break from circle sharing. If you need a free pass, let me know. You won't be penalized as long as I know!

#sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #circleshare   #circle   #circlesharing   #circleoftheday  

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Engagers Showcase Circle, August 5 2013 

If you received a notification, it means that you are included in my Engagers Showcase Circle. “Showcase” means that you are invited to leave a comment (on the original post) with a link to one of your own posts, which ideally should be one of your best recent posts.

This circle consists of people who have engaged with one of my recent posts in the form of +1s, comments and reshares. I may have missed some people due to limitations of the G+ interface, but as usual, everyone who reshared last week's version of the circle has been included this time.

As always, reshares are appreciated. And, if you have been, thanks for reading my posts!
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