Interesting report from on the presence and ranking of the top 10 sailing brands on facebook. A comparison with Google+ presence shows:-

Sperry Topsider - 4 followers on G+ (124,627 on facebook)
Volvo Ocean Race - 441 followers on G+ (87,644 on facebook)
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing - Not on G+ (47,758 on facebook)
America's Cup - 268 on G+ (43,096 on facebook)
Oman Sail - Not on G+ (39,648 on facebook)
Cammas Groupama - Not on G+ (30,537 on facebook)
Jessica Watson - Not on G+ (30,327 on facebook)
Maxi Banque Populaire - Not on G+ (30,291 on facebook)
Barcelona World Race Game - Not on G+ (28,645 on facebook)
North Sails - 2 followers on G+ (26,264 on facebook)

The G+ numbers are small which in some part is because the presence of these brands on G+ can be measured in weeks and the public availability of G+ measured in a small number of months.

Using the America's Cup as an example, comparison of the AC presence on facebook and G+ shows a difference so extreme that an instant but probably incorrect conclusion is that one is an 'official' presence and the other is not!

Why? The logos are different, the info/profiles are different, photo libraries are different, the posts have a small number common to each but overall very little commonality.

Assuming that AC Google+ presence and facebook presence are 'official' then there is an unnecessary duplication of effort in developing content which in reality should be identical across the two media.

To conclude, if you area sailing brand with a presence on facebook then take advantage of the G+ benefits and replicate your facebook posts onto G+. The effort required is small and gets your message out to another audience with very little investment from you.

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