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Need a sponsor? Tips from the experts
Need a sponsor? Tips from the experts

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Now we know why it is called the 'Extreme Sailing Series' !!

#extremesailingseries #gplussailing

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An example of a comprehensive proposal to attract potential sponsors.

Even if you do not fully understand french, note the professional presentation, the comprehensive structure and the topics.

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #VG2012 #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing

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Grant Dalton of ETNZ said the world economy actually made it easier to gain sponsorship:-

"I guess it sounds a little counter-intuitive but when we got out there and did a lot of hard work, we found that many high-end sponsors had rationalised their sponsorship portfolio from, say 10 sponsorships to four. That meant there was still money available - and it was more focused."

"I actually had more success in raising money for this Cup than the last one..... "

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing
I want to get statistics about my page at +CircleCount with this key: !!5d8geg6pdfvgtxgsj2re!! #CircleCountAuthPage

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An idea to support and enhance your sponsors investment!

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing #sailing

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Interesting report from on the presence and ranking of the top 10 sailing brands on facebook. A comparison with Google+ presence shows:-

Sperry Topsider - 4 followers on G+ (124,627 on facebook)
Volvo Ocean Race - 441 followers on G+ (87,644 on facebook)
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing - Not on G+ (47,758 on facebook)
America's Cup - 268 on G+ (43,096 on facebook)
Oman Sail - Not on G+ (39,648 on facebook)
Cammas Groupama - Not on G+ (30,537 on facebook)
Jessica Watson - Not on G+ (30,327 on facebook)
Maxi Banque Populaire - Not on G+ (30,291 on facebook)
Barcelona World Race Game - Not on G+ (28,645 on facebook)
North Sails - 2 followers on G+ (26,264 on facebook)

The G+ numbers are small which in some part is because the presence of these brands on G+ can be measured in weeks and the public availability of G+ measured in a small number of months.

Using the America's Cup as an example, comparison of the AC presence on facebook and G+ shows a difference so extreme that an instant but probably incorrect conclusion is that one is an 'official' presence and the other is not!

Why? The logos are different, the info/profiles are different, photo libraries are different, the posts have a small number common to each but overall very little commonality.

Assuming that AC Google+ presence and facebook presence are 'official' then there is an unnecessary duplication of effort in developing content which in reality should be identical across the two media.

To conclude, if you area sailing brand with a presence on facebook then take advantage of the G+ benefits and replicate your facebook posts onto G+. The effort required is small and gets your message out to another audience with very little investment from you.

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #VG2012 #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing #sailing

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A good article from re social media.

Some key observations:

"The sponsor benefit comes from an athlete having the potential to influence fans’ purchasing behaviour......."
- In other words if you are a sailor or sailing team looking for sponsorship then make sure you have an active presence on G+, facebook, twitter, blog etc. Your postings can be identical across the three streams. (There is a facebook app which will automatically post your facebook posts to your twitter stream or vice versa.) If your social media visibility is high with a high count of 'like', circle presence etc then your appeal to potential sponsors in enhanced.

"In some cases sponsorship contracts now include a social media clause. Such a clause obliges an athlete to promote the sponsor on their Twitter and/or Facebook pages and encourage fans to find out more about the products or services. In some cases, a sponsor may even structure payments to its athletes in a way that incentivises them to increase their social media presence......."
- Social media now has a proven value to sponsors. Take advantage and max your postings and increase your social media presence. It is easy for a potential sponsor to check you out!

What to post?
- Everything. Well not quite everything! In addition to all the obvious sailing posts of sailing/racing activity your post readers are interested in all aspects and challenges of your campaign eg diet, training, problems, feeling good, feeling bad, next steps, plan for the day/week , superstitions etc etc

Social media posting regime?
- Discipline yourself to a minimum one post per day. eg 'Perfect conditions today for tuning. eg Fixing broken electrics today eg Exhausted after gym and now for 2 hours on the water. etc etc Add more detailed postings whenever.

If you do not promote yourself then how can you 'sell' your potential to a sponsor?

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing

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There has been a big increase in the visibility of the Volvo Ocean Race on the internet and conclude that:

- ' all this has been achieved through communicating the product in a better way rather than changing the product to try and make it easier to consume '
- ' the focus is on the sailors and the stories '
- ' these numbers (from the report) show that there is an audience for this kind of sailing '

We have conducted some parallel research relating to the Vendée Globe. Google Trends shows the trend in volume of news traffic on the internet related to the corresponding volume of search traffic any point in time. For the Vendée during 2011 it generally shows a steady on going posting of news items with little if any change in volume of related search activity.

The exceptions were a big spike of search activity in August 2011 which corresponded to a big spike of news activity. There was another big spike of search activity in November 2011 but this time without any corresponding spike in news output.

What happened in November? The Vendée organisers announced the next edition of the race and an initiative to promote the event and the sailors to potential sponsors.

The announcements were full of enticing content which connected with the reader. The names of confirmed sailors and sponsors, names of aspiring entrants, race history, details of the previous events, names of winners etc. etc In summary the announcement contents were rich in searchable names, words and phrases which stimulated interest as evidenced by the big increase in related searches.

What we cannot measure is what percentage then added the results to their internet favourites, started following related blog feeds etc etc but a percentage will have done just that.

The Vendee analysis further supports conclusions relating to the Volvo Ocean Race. In particular ' focus on the sailors and stories '. It stimulates interest in the event, the team, the sailor and the sponsor.

It applies equally to big teams and big events such as the Volvo Ocean Race and the Vendée Globe but is also 100% applicable to sailors and teams starting out for the first time in their racing careers trying to get that elusive first sponsor.

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing

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The Vendée Globe organisation executed a very positive initiative in London to promote the race to potential sponsors in support of the six British sailors seeking sponsorship for the 2012 edition of the race.

The previous edition of the race showed increases of +69% in television coverage with 466 hours of reporting and +58% for Internet traffic with 59 million single visitors. The Vendée Globe organisers estimate that to achieve the equivalent coverage through conventional advertising would cost in the region of 145 million euros.

The Vendée Globe has a proven successful track record of delivering value to sponsors and this was a creative initiative that should serve as an example to other event organisers in the current economic climate.

The hard facts are that without sponsors there are no competitors and without competitors there is no event.

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing

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Dee Caffari's Tips on Sailing Sponsorship

Key message from Dee Caffari:

When presenting to a potential sponsor "You need to have an understanding of what a brand or company is hoping to achieve through sponsorship".

If not, the potential sponsor will not relate to you or understand the significance of your sponsorship proposal. Understand what the company does and needs. Adapt your proposal to highlight the points which directly relate to the potential sponsor's culture and needs.

Do this and there is a good possibility you will get to the next stage and jointly work on the final details and have a new sponsor onboard.

#volvooceanrace #vor #globaloceanrace #gor #minitransat #routedurhum #transatjacquesvabre #tjv #vendeeglobe #americascup #ac #extremesailingseries #oceanracing #sponsor #gplussailing
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