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When you find yourself on your own,
Remember that you are not alone,
And when your feeling down and blue,
Remember that I'll always love you.

•?((¯°·..• тεяε ℓιүε ♥ кυ∂ιүση кα вσυηcε кαя ∂ιүα... •..·°¯))؟•

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~I got used to dream, and I never stopped
that my destiny was to Love You. I did not
expect you,
But my Heart , already knew the tricks of
He joined forces with the destination and
made our eyes crossed ...
And a moment born great love. Love that
accelerates the Heart
And feeds the soul. Moments that were
already written,
And no mortal Would be able to change.
A love that can spend years, But he will
never cease to exist.
Words could report that there is no Love,
But the heart would not accept, Would
ignore the words and suffering.
found My Great Love, An encounter that
changed my life
Who taught me what is Really Love!

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good morning

so, who is on facebook????

0, 0

I Woke Up A Few Mints Ago
But Then I Feel Incompleteness
Till I Remembered That
I Haven't Wished U Yet
Have A Pleasant Day
Good morning, have nice day.

Suraj ke bina subah nahi hoti,
Chand ke bina raat nahi hoti,
Badal ke bina barsat nahi hoti,
Aapki yaad ke bina din ki shuruwat nahi hoti...
++Good Morning++

३ दिवस यमा ला थोपवुन
धरलं साहेबांनी.. थांब यमा..
माझ्या महाराष्ट्राला दिवाळी साजरी करु
त्यांच्या डोळ्यात
सणा मध्ये अश्रु नकोत
इतकी श्रद्धा या महाराष्ट्रावर
आणि या मराठी माणसा वर...
३ एप्रिल १६८०
रोजी शिवाजी महाराज
तेव्हा एकदा महाराष्ट्र
रडला आणि आज
दुसरयां दा महाराष्ट्रा ला रडवण्याची ताकद
एका ढाण्या वाघा मध्ये
पोरका झाला महाराष्ट्र.
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