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I listened to the podcast  ESLPodcast 12- Dining at a Restaurant  on the  ESL Podcast  site. The specific podcast I listened to was about 12 mins long and described a typical restaurant scenario in the US. I like that the site not only provides the podcast ...

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Strip Generator
Using Strip Generator is a unique and fun way to let students get creative to portray some sort of broader idea or message. For my strip,  Reading Gibberish  I tried to promote the idea that reading in another language will better help you acquire that lang...

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Animoto Experiment
Using  Animoto  was a very easy tool that constructs visual presentations for students to use. For my presentation  Where I Come From , I used this as an example of an activity for young students to describe where they are from and what they like to do in t...

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TedEd Lesson: The Great Debate For this TedEd lesson, I focused on two of the NYS ESL standards, including  ESL1.1 Language for Information and Understanding  which states: "Students using English as a second language will use English to acquire, interpret, ...

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TubeChop For this lesson I have used a video titled "One Semester of Spanish - Love Song". While my pursuits are in teaching ESL I found a lesson that I think could work for both ESL and a Spanish language class. Some of the NYS...

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Flipping the Classroom
This concept of a "Flipped Classroom" is certainly an idyllic one. Additionally, it appears to be a very necessary one. As discussed in  Why It's Time to Rethink and Question Homework , assigning homework assignments from a workbook seems to be an antiquate...

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Against All Odds
For this assignment I chose to play  Against All Odds  particularly because of my interest in the immigrant and refugee population in Buffalo. Most of my ESL experience within the classroom has been working with students who in majority are refugees. I reca...

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Phantasy Quest
The game I chose to play was  Phantasy Quest  which falls under the "Escape the Room" category of gaming, involving a point-and-click technique to navigate around a certain environment (in this case, a deserted island), picking up tools and gaining points t...

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Throughout most of the articles I have read, Gamification involves the interactive "application of game elements in non-gaming situations" ( 7 Things You Should Know About Gamification ). This article in particular discusses the multiple dimensions of Gamin...

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Educational Tweeting
While Twitter is commonly used as an avenue for social media, Education and other current event issues are taking over the Twittersphere. As I experienced during a TwitterChat, experts in their relevant professions are engaging in heated discussions over th...
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