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Thank you mother nature for not raining on my big ass
Sign Up for Free. Track your rides and runs via your iPhone, Android or GPS device, analyze your performance, and compare with friends. Loading … Bike gear ride. Ride May 16, 2015. 17.4 mi. Distance. 229 ft. Elevation. 1:17:19. Moving Time. 561. Calories. Daniel MacDonald. Cleveland, Ohio ...
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Daniel MacDonald

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I've survived the first round of family doings in the death of my Grams. People showing up in sweatsuits aside, it didn't go too badly. The Four Horsemen (aka
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Daniel MacDonald

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I'm gonna recirculate this due to her passing away this morning...
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Admitting your stupidity is the first step to disguising it as charming immaturity
Just a muscle monkey stumbling his way thru life.  Oh yeah, and I write.
Bragging rights
Survived alcoholism, drug addiction, two HIV scares, a rampantly homphobic family and the death of a spouse. And I'm still here.
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All the scientific proof you'll ever need that PrEP works #HIV #AIDS #Pr...

The naysayers against PrEP and Truvada have been remarkably quiet lately, and there’s a reason for that. There’s far too much proof that Tru

Handiest pair of pants ever (little bit NSFW) | Sayen CroWolf

I’m actually surprised they didn’t come up with these sooner.


Mobile and tech news, review, opinions and insights

Proving they're ahead of us yet again, Europe starts to ban the selfie s...

I’m all for taking a selfie. In moderation, it’s part of the cost of participating in social media, right? Some people take it to new height

Need an HIV/STD test? There's an app for that (and an accessory) #HIV #A...

One more way our smartphones become indispensable to our lives:

NYC begins PrEP, PEP Outreach Campaign #HIV #AIDS #PrEP | Sayen CroWolf

This is what I imagine will be the the first of many cities putting PrEP and PEP into the cities that need them.

Just a reminder, silence = death #HIV #AIDS | Sayen CroWolf

I debated how I was going to write this one without sounding like a complete raving lunatic, so hopefully I don’t cross that line when I’m d

Dec 1st 2011: AIDS and me #HIV #AIDS | Sayen CroWolf

Initially, I ran this last year, and the thought of running it again as a "greatest hit" did occur to me. But, it needs an update so you'll

Surprising no one, #PrEP use is on the rise, especially amongst men #HIV...

This is far from shocking evidence to me. PrEP has been slow to take off because (on the surface) it bucks the decades old idea that condoms

Two Words No Man Wants to See in a Headline: "Penis" and "Industrial Gri...

A man who got his penis stuck in a steel pipe had to be cut free by firefighters using a metal grinder, after doctors in casualty could not

The problems with just slapping together an article on PrEP and not look...

I scour the internet daily looking for things to share, and as of late the gay news cycle is tedious, repetitive and boring as hell. I find

Scientists identify a promising target for HIV/AIDS treatment

Like a slumbering dragon, HIV can lay dormant in a person's cells for years, evading medical treatments only to wake up and strike at a late

Remembering Matthew Shepard

In light of the recent crisis of gay teens' killing themselves as well as the hate still being perpetuated on gays everywhere, I'm rerunning

A big ol' roundup of PrEP fact and fiction for the week #PrEP #HIV #AIDS

While the regular news cycle has been a bit slow, PrEP and Truvada have had several articles put out there. Rather than litter my site with

Becoming the story: my 9/11 memories

Next month, I will have been involved in journalism on and off for 20 years. Some days I really love what I do; it’s a complete adrenaline r

The Loss of a Spouse

support actually is accessible today? If I were to go through today everything I did five years ago, where could I turn for help? How could

AHF proves once again they really don't give a damn about you #HIV #AIDS...

AIDS Health Foundation, headed up by the always combative Michael Weinstein is at it again. Here’s their latest misinformation campaign:

The Gay Games begin in Cleveland | Sayen CroWolf

The 2014 Gay Games went through a lot of drama to get off the ground, but the opening ceremony went off last night without a hitch: