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Malevolent God Emperor Of The Universe
Malevolent God Emperor Of The Universe

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Bike vs Jet during Carmageddon. This cluld be pretty interesting to see how it plays out.

I've named all my Google+ Circles after Dante's Inferno and the Seven Deadly Sins. You have to guess which one you're in.

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Let's make a map of where Google Plus users are, shall we? Admittedly this is only a sample but: how about anyone who can see this please post the city and country you live in. If you add 1 to 3 words about how you feel about Google Plus, then we can informally evaluate regional sentiment, too.

I will let the list accumulate for 12 hours or so, then I'll turn your responses into a map. After you post here, you should MUTE THIS POST!

Thanks! So, where is everyone?

I'm in: Portland, Oregon
About Google Plus: excited, intrigued

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Rule #1: The Game Master Is God.
What the Game Master says, goes! Period.

Fuck you Talbot. You're dead to me. Dead. Dead. Dead.

Not quite sure how I feel about the stream automatically resorting the feed so that most recent activities is at the top of the page.

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Matt Crognale changed his profile photo.

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