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Rev-Pack Soft Luggage
Rev-Pack makes a soft pack for every thing that has wheels. Organize, pack and hit the road.
Rev-Pack makes a soft pack for every thing that has wheels. Organize, pack and hit the road.

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Motorcycle blogging really is a full of colorful charters. It would be perfect with out the ads, but then again how and a motorcycle soft luggage company help you find them.
Motorcycle Philosophy

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Can Your Multi-Tool Keep Your Pants Up?

Silly as it seems, this could totally save a day!

Found at

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The perfect carabiner for cinching down our GearBags, DittyBags to what ever your transport is. They are strong enough to save your bags, but not your arse.

Austrialpin 10 mm Non-Locking Steel Oval 88% off Rock Climbing - Quickdraws & Carabiners

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Some of our favorite people we've meet on a motorcycle. Some of our favorite web sites have been found just off the commercial search path. This one is both!

The Huckleberry Finn approach to Soft Motorcycle Luggage [and why I recommend it.] - Farlap and Max

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This looks strikingly familiar to a package that we've selling for 20years.
Good stuff, but we still like our GearBags better.

BAD BAGS Adventure and Travel Luggage - The Best American Duffel Made

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We've seen this stuff come through bungied on the back of customers bikes. Nicely done all purpose gear. Mostly for off the bike adventuring. If you need somthing for your bike, Rev-Pack is the way to go.

Travel bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. The best materials and innovative construction since 1972

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Just for comparison to the "BAD" duffle bags.

GearBag Large - Rev-Pack

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Was just admiring some other american textile manufacturer. Fortunately they don't make motorcycle luggage.

Canoe Packs, Canvas and leather pack, Camping Gear, Minnesota Packs :: Duluth Pack :: Made in the USA :: Quality leather and canvas luggage, backpacks, camping, and outdoor gear,

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Clever Idea! Would be a fine addition to our travel kit.

Wine Bag, Wine Travel Bag, Transport Fragile Items | Wine Bag, Wine Travel Bag, Transport Fragile Items

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Some great people providing an outstanding service. 
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