I'm still in a post-Sapphire scramble mode but during the event, I had a chance to talk with Rainer Zinow and +Sven Denecken about SAP Business ByDesign and Line Of Business OnDemand solutions. They were good enough to let me break a couple of news items. When I asked Rainer them why, they said, "because you asked." :)

Since I may not have time for a blog for a while, i wanted to preserve the news items here for posterity as I tweeted them when they came out:

"The next ByDesign feature pack, 3.5 (March 2012) will also include SDK for Line of Business On-Demand." #sapteched

"Future plans: ByDesign will also be moving off Silverlight for UI rendering into HTML 5 instead." #sapteched

"ByD SDK is now rolled out to 30 partners. With 3.5 January 2012, ByD SDK to all ByD reselling partners, ByD 4.0 in July = SDK GA." #sapteched

I thought all of these news items were significant in their own way. The Silverlight-to-HTML5 news was not necessarily a big surprise, but I was glad to hear the news especially since I had just talked with a couple partners who thought Silverlight might be posing some performance problems. Not to mention HTML5 is clearly the better UI rendering option for many reasons.

The other welcome news was not only the release of the Line of Business SDK, but that this SDK will be part of the ByD SDK and not some other esoteric SDK that only SAP knows how to use. Of course it will take a while for these tools to come to fruition, but it's good to see this roadmap laid out clearly. I believe the LOB SDK will be important in getting partners involved to flesh out needed vertical functionality in LOB on-demand solutions from SAP.

The only lingering question is: "how long will the Silverlight to HTML5 conversion take for ByD?" SAP was understandably not ready to nail down an announcement date for that, but my best guess, and this is a guess, is end of the year 2012. +Sven Denecken may want to comment further on that if he more to say on it. :)

I know +Jarret Pazahanick and +Michael Koch have talked to me about some of these topics in the past so guys, curious to hear any comments you might have.
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