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Jack Mason
It all started with friendfeed! (might not be the one who he claims to be)
It all started with friendfeed! (might not be the one who he claims to be)

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FriendFeed's Closure Another Painful Loss from a Vibrant Era of Social Media

"If you were part of the active community that made FriendFeed special in those wide-eyed years, you experienced something I've never seen with any community since (with occasional flashes on Google+ and Twitter being exceptions). If you missed it, then you missed out on seeing one of the most talented teams ever assembled working on something that was both fun and smart. And that story's final chapter is coming without us ever getting the happy ending we were hoping for. I'm not mad, just wistful at what might have been.

Long live FriendFeed."

how difficult it is to make glass like device? voice control is bullshit plain and simple, not bad for making, building view, google gone overboard, what are they lacking? why they are a company, anti-company was their thing and it was a good thing, it showed they actually cared with all that newer things they introduced, it could be promotion and perky model selling instead of giving away a collection of sensors they put together, maybe after android's failure and self centered development by developers than contributing towards the noble things like open source and stuff, priority development, apple developers. setting a price makes people hop in, but the free form development is killed.  #post_to_be   #bookmark  

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thanks mate!

is it me or the web changed overnight? everything looks different #design  or it maybe chrome, dev channel could have been updated, yes i am positive this could be it, (html5 audio player got updated)

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Today, our computers are sleeker and more powerful, but our aim is set much lower.

what is happening to website design? #writeffcode

+Google+ Developers cover photo covering almost whole of the screen, where are you going? can't those brains work independent of what is being pushed down the food chain?

there was this book about web 2.0 not being 2.0, when i see interfaces, services, all i see is clones nothing new, only a handful of tasks, problems tackled, i read only preface, it said nothing has really changed since 1996 on, that seems valid now! 

+Google+ Developers can i set priority to someone i follow, it would be something as a feature, i don't want to miss low frequency high value posts from someone who shares stuff i wouldn't like to miss, there should be something, you can do better than just steering users away from #facebook  

what you shouldn't do is comment or +1 a post from the popular people, otherwise set your notifications straight! #treyratcliffe
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