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My first post on my new product-management dedicated blog
I’ve been a product manager for most of my professional life. It wasn’t always my title, and it usually occupied much less than 100% of my time, but it was always there. As I’m trying to keep an open....
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Hi +Roee Adler , I think you did a terrific job of keeping it short and cozy.  I know the feeling of starting out in a new media.  I joined Twitter day before yesterday.  Trust me, it is an experience for me because I write exactly as I speak.  (I've been teaching online full-time for over ten years and you sort of HAVE to write like that to make it work.)  In any case, I and four professionals I've met through Google Plus have created a think-tank for social media and we are having our first event on August 10th.  Here's the link.  It seems to me you would have a great time.  Hope you can come.

In any case, I just found a great resource today that gives very good advice on all things social media.

Best to you!!!!!!!!
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