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Reflection on SIS Class
       During this semester we have covered a wide verity of things from which book we liked most in The Hunger Game  series to the importance of gender roles in our society. I am glad that I got the chance to take this class while in college. If it was not...

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Evil in The Hunger Games
   President Snow showed evil throughout the whole book series because he would makes is decisions based solely on his benefits. For example whenever someone would threaten on taking over his role as president he would have them killed and make it look like...

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Gender Relations in The Hunger Games
Gender roles are important when it come to writing a book or making a movie. If the characters do not play the proper roles than the book/movie will not catch the interest of certain viewers. For example in the Hunger Games Katniss character played a very d...

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Music Importants in The Hunger Games
Music was a very important part in Katniss's life while she was growing up. It was something that she and her dad did while walking through the words to find food and while traveling to the lake to take a cooling swim. Katniss singing a song in grade school...

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Totalitarian Government
A totalitarian government is one that has
one person in charge of the whole nation and does not have to get his laws
passed by anyone else. The person in charge mainly makes his laws based on his
benefits instead of the better good of his/her people. Also, ...

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Thomas:               I like how he shared a lot of picture and little movie clips to show what he was talking about. His pictures are not just from the movie clips he also shared art that people made based on how they pictured the characters. I also agree ...

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The Hunger Games Compared with The Condemned
            The Condemned and The Hunger Games
have a lot of similarities and also multiple differences. Some of the
differences are The Condemned takes only ten adult criminals to place into
their island for the game. The criminals that they choose are alr...

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I enjoyed reading The Hunger Game
the most. If the first book was not as entertaining as it was I would not have
been interested to finish the other two books. I enjoyed this book so much
because it had a little bit of everything. In the beginning the reade...

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Catching Fire book vs. The Movie
book goes into much greater details when President Snow came to visit Katniss
at her new victor’s house. The book just did a much better job with explaining
the sense of shock that President Snow made an unexpected visit to her home.
Also, it s...

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The Hunger Game book vs. The Movie
One of the main differences that really caught
my eye while I was watching the movie was how Katniss came in contact with the
mockingjay pin. The book really shows the importance of the mockingjay pin by
introducing us to it when Katniss and Gale go to deli...
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