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Abe's 2nd Birthday Party
This doesn't seem like it can be true, but this baby turned 2 years old today! Last year we thew him an Honest Abe party.  This year we went for a construction theme.  I was looking for a much simpler party planning process this year.  The construction them...

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Our Phase 2 Addition: in a nutshell
It may have been a long time since I have blogged, but that certainly doesn't mean that things have not been changing around here. Last time I posted, I announced that we were embarking on a big addition.... and it wasn't a baby.   We planned to add on a mu...

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Phase 2 Coming at You!
A looooooong long time ago, we had this crazy idea to buy a house and fix it up.  We finished up Phase 1 in December 2013.  We had gutted our home to the studs and built it back from there.  But there is still so much more work to do.  After our two year "b...

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Honest Abe Turns 1!
I'm back with a little update! My baby turned one year old a few weekends ago.  And I. Can't. Believe. It. I
never really understood why moms would cry when their
babies turned one.  But now I get it.  My baby is a toddler and it
happened all so fast.  I...

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Registering For Baby- My Reviews and Recommendations
Registering.  Love it or hate it, registering has become an expected part of getting married and having babies.  Registering for our wedding was fun and exciting for me.  Plates, flatware, vases, towels, coasters... hand me that scanner, I'm all over this! ...

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A "Wild" Bridal Shower
This last weekend, one of my very best friends married a wonderful southern gentleman.  And a little over a month ago, we threw her a shower.  They only got engaged right before Christmas, and with a 3 month engagement, it didn't give us long to pull togeth...

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Ode to the Orchard
This time of year my heart swells to 5 times it's normal size with family pride.  And now that we have a little one, I think it's even bigger. * It's harvest season for my and many other families across the country.  Which means, long days full of hard work...

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Reflections From a New Mom
One year ago today, we got some pretty big news. One year ago today, I found out that I was pregnant.  In the bathroom, with a little bit of pee on my hand, I repeated over and over again "oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh" as I stared at two little blue lin...

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Our First New-Parent DIY
Things are a wee bit different around our house these days.  And when
I say a wee bit, I am referring to our wee little one.  He's a game
changer. But what a cute game changer!? After
6 weeks of nighttime feedings, sitz baths, afternoon naps, spit-up

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A Little Introduction
There's a little man that I want to introduce you all to. This here is Abraham Mark.  We call him Abram. He was born June 5th at 5:52am. A Little About Abram: Name:
We wanted to choose a strong, biblical name for our little guy.  We
really liked the name ...
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