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'Tis the season once again! Before I go into hibernation (or vacation as some like to call it) next week, Id like to thank all my clients who've made 2016 a banner year for me. So despite how the US election turned out, I've a something more to celebrate.

Happy holidays and a prosperous new year to one and all!

Accounting/recordkeeping; always a drag. I'd love an affordable tool that does it all.

Hard to find something that doesn't follow the subscription model though.
The one thing I dislike most is reoccurring fees.

Summer is over and I've been looking forward to the return of my "busy season". True to form, I've been getting a lot of inquiries but for some reason they've not been worth turning my computer on.

Even one of my "formerly" better paying clients has started acting like a bottom-feeder agency. What's up with that?

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I really like this app, it's convenient, fast and looks way better the invoice I was generating from word.

I recently learned that you should never write off a potential client. About 3 or 4 years ago, I pitched my services to a small ad agency in my area. Their response: Thanks for the info. If we have a need, we'll call you. I simply assumed that meant "Thanks, but no thanks" and I could forget about them.

But lo and behold, we just completed a project together this week. Patience does pay - sometimes.

By politely suggesting that the english version of his homepage could use some improvement and offering my services, it looks like I managed to insult the prospective client to which I alluded after all:

Sehr geehrter Herr Williams,

unser System steht bereits, daher ist keine Änderung derzeit eingeplant, leider.

Jedoch ist Ihre Vorgangsweise sehr bemerkenswert und wenn Sie so weiter machen, dann werden Sie sicher einen Treffer landen.

Alles Gute für Ihre Zukunft.


Despite its glaring imperfections, Google translate is still finding true believers in its abilities; or lack thereof. While it can be a useful aid, blind faith in its results is always a mistake – especially if you're not familiar with the target language. So when you encounter a company that has placed its global reputation in the "hands" of GT, what’s the best way of offering your services without insulting them?

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If you're going to trip and fall, carefully is the way to do it!

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I just added a link to CamCard on the contact page of my website (just to the start page). hope more people will find it as cool as I do.
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