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Vaclav Tofl
Stage Combat Performer (ocasional choreographer); RPG games fan (tabletop games. videogames, you name it);
Stage Combat Performer (ocasional choreographer); RPG games fan (tabletop games. videogames, you name it);


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Roatan Rum Company, check out for inspiration and some fun with Rum cakes on Caribbean Island Roatan

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damn, I m so sorry now, that I wasn't able to make t for the first game ...  I realy hope I m gonna make it next time ... Btw +Justin Aquino do you have my finalized char sheet yet? Or I haven't send it to you yet?

Tinkering with Garrote

well, this is gonna be a little unorthodox approach to the topic but anyway ...

After a long training session, putting together some choreographies with "improvised weapons" for a pirate show, I ended up with a rope in my hands. The whole thing ends up with a "choke hold" using the rope as a Garrote, than a "throw" (a little bit perverted Uchi-Mata), still keeping a "choke hold", then pin (kneeling on thrown actors back) and the whole action is finished by "choking him to unconsciousnes". The poor-one with the rope around his neck has quite a lot to do to keep his hands on the rope and don't get hurt but after few hours of practicing, the final video record of the last attempt looks like it's doable. 

ok, enough bragging now, and (finally) here comes the relation to GURPS.
With a Perk: Weapon Adaptation (Garrote to Judo, or Garrote to Wrestling):
Garroting rules remain the same as they are, plus possibility to perform Throws from Locks (MA118-119), garroting someone is considered to be a Choke Hold (or Head Lock) technique (grappling foe by a neck with both hands). Additional ST bonus from Wrestling to the "garroting contest" to determine DMG.


note: I didn't put this on SJ Forums and I will not

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Added photos to GURPS Modern Fantasy Tactics.

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cool, thanks for all this info, so expect another "final version" of my char sheet, since my original idea was that my character lives there already for at least year or so, I guess I should take Arean knowledge skill

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nice, interesting, good job .. looking forward to play. Just 2 things: 1. The linkto Roll20 doesnt work for me (it throws me to the list of my campaigns) ; 2. are you sure about the cost of living for middle calss it seems to me quite a lot.
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