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For those who are interested in anatomy, this is really incredible!
Anatomical art - beautiful and intricate - the remarkable medical books of Andreas Vesalius.
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Tracy helps people with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sports injuries, headaches and much more! Frozen shoulder specialist. Reduce your pain and improve your performance today! 
One theory on why joints snap, crackle and pop!
SciShow explains what really causes those popping sounds your joints make -- fluid dynamics, people! -- and what you should watch out for if you're a habitual knuckle-popper. ---------- Like SciSho...
Brazil Conference:  (in English and Portuguese:
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Caro Colega, A coordenação do ICAOR10 tem o imenso prazer em anunciar a abertura das inscrições para a: THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN OSTEOPATHIC RESEARCH – ICAOR10. A conferência será realizada em São Paulo entre os dias 7 e 9 de novembro de 2014.
Surgery is always an option, but one even surgeons feel is best left as a last resort. I helped Sarah avoid surgery at Christmas - here is what she said over on my Google Plus Places page: 

Sarah Stanley
reviewed a week ago

My back was very bad a year ago. I was in constant pain whatever I did, despite prescription pain killers, & due to have surgery at Christmas, but luckily I found Tracy! After several gentle but effective treatments, and suggesting I try sitting at a ball at work, my back started to improve a little & Tracy gave lots of helpful advise on how to ease the pain with stretches etc. It was slow at first but it is now so much better that surgery is completely off the cards. She comes highly recommended and without a doubt saved me from unnecessary surgery.
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Tracy helps people with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sports injuries, headaches and much more! Frozen shoulder specialist. Reduce your pain and improve your performance today! 
Get your #london #pain solution by booking today. A cancellation means that I have one appointment left on Saturday - noon - it's yours for the asking! Book in and jump for joy! 

Ring 020 3143 3163 or book online at
Colds, norovirus and influenza become more common this time of year.  Once you are unwell, you can be contagious for up to a week (though peak virulence in colds and norovirus is approximately 3 days).   For these reasons, many schools tell parents that if their children are unwell and feverish, have vomited or have …
Why doing the plank is at best a waste of time for runners - lines up nicely with my thinking about common 'core stability' exercise.
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Great article Tracy and reflects my views on core training as well. Thanks for sharing B-)
I hope everyone had a great bank holiday weekend!   What did you do with your time?
How is your #5x50challenge  going?  
How is everyone doing with their 5×50 Challenge? I’m a little behind but so far I haveSwam 2km Walked 15km Cycled 47km Ran 12km A tip to my holiday:  5km worth of chasing children on the beachIn the total 50 days, the goal is to reach 250km of activities – and we just passed the halfway point.   Note to self:  get moving!
I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be away for a part of the Easter holiday school break. Clinic hours will be as usual most days – but with the following changes:

THU 17th April through 11am FRI 25th April – CLOSED in Brook Green.

WED 23rd April – CLOSED in Wimpole Street

Next week is filling up fast but there is space for appointments in Wimpole Street on Wednesday 9th April(new patients only, or those who want to move permanently to Wimpole Street) – and a few on Saturday 12th April in Brook Green. I expect the two days before I leave will fill up fast so if you want an appointment on Mon 14th or Tues 15th do book in now!

My next available appointment after my return is on Friday the 25th of April at noon.

You can phone the fabulous reception team on 020 3143 3164 or book online at
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