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not named after the President.
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Currently hanging out at Starbucks charging my phone and laptop, and making new friends. Its fascinating to hear the stories of how Hurricane Irene affected so many people, and their families.

Here's Gov. Dan Malloy's flickr album showing some of the damage.

update: we're okay. Dan, his family, and myself have survived Irene...and so have my parents, brothers, and family. we don't have power, and supposedly there is some damage to the house. I appreciate the calls and texts, but I've turned my phone off to save battery.

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It's not even September, and we're already in talks about whether or not school will be in session on Monday. My district has convocation on Monday, followed by PD, and then PD all day Tuesday. The first day of school is Wednesday.

So...looks like even way up here in Connecticut, we may have a "Hurricane Day". Guess I should start securing my lawn furniture, right?

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This website was used a lot in my graduate coursework over the past 6 months. Its incredible when considering the learning needs of English Language Learners, and planning for high challenge/high support for them within general classrooms. Check it out.

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Texting while driving.

Don't do it.

Recently, a childhood friend of mine passed away. She was a victim in a car accident that could have been avoided by putting the phone down.

So think. Don't get behind the wheel if you've been drinking. And when you're driving, don't do anything else. Because even a message such as "I'll see you soon" could end someone's life.

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I have this habit of "surfing the web" while eating breakfast. Horrible, I know, to have a computer in the kitchen and to multitask, but it is what it is. A habit that's hard to break. I stumbled across this through clicking links and connections on Twitter...

Valuable? Yes. For everyone? Maybe, maybe not. Certainly we are all not on the job-hunt right now and we're all not looking for careers in business. But it does have some good "reminders" and generalizations, if you will.

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I cant resist- I love The Onion.

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Blink-182 has finally released their new single Up All Night on their website, Completely worth the 8 year wait. Check it out. To say its awesome would be an understatement.
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