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No es que duerma que descanso despasiiiiiiito
No es que duerma que descanso despasiiiiiiito

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Perdón que no se vea bien el video, me olvide que Youtube no agarra bien los FLV a veces, pero se entiende el audio que es la idea, no?
Ingressionando Pokemon Go

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Hands on: Demo Smash for 3DS (versión japonesa)

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Nuestros hijos jugando gracias a la magia de Google+
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Looking for a good challenge? We have a good set of rules sure to make your time’s worth. We call it Challenge Rank ENE. The basic idea es to see how far can you go solo or with friends following a series of rules possed below:
1)      You may start with either Leather or Mail armor with all pieces on level 1
2)      You may start with the metal or bone weapon of your choice but not move between them.
3)      You may only change an armor piece from monsters you have already beaten during the challenge and you may only change each armor slot once. That means, if you change your head piece for a Jaggi Mask, that’s it, your set with that for the challenge’s duration.
4)      You may upgrade your weapon only with pieces of monsters you have defeated during the challenge. You may switch weapon trees once, but then you’re set on that tree.
5)      Charms are free to come and go.
6)      You can’t use Shakalakas as you can’t lower their level.
7)      For each monster mission beaten for the first time during the challenge you win 1 upgrade point. This can be used to raise a level of your armor or move further down your weapon tree. Once used it won’t carry over for the next item in that slot but can be accumulated for when they you set your armor.
We highly recommend using an advanced character; otherwise you’ll be farming for pieces rather than moving quickly throughout the monsters.  We hope you like this idea and the name comes from EterNinty Entertainment (ENE).

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