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Hi Guys,

Thanks Ted for all the help on the data issues that arise really appreciated :)

All data has now been caught up but there seems to be a hole for the 10th of March 2015.

When looking at my dashboard, view section, sub, section, minutes watched and estimated earnings they all show data up-to-date including 9th and 11th but all are missing the data for the 10th of March.

Again thanks for all the previous help and sorry to post another issue :)

Hi Guys

The total viewcount data doesn't seem to update anymore. It has been stuck now since 3rd of March 2015.

While individual day view counts in the specific view analytic section is now showing up until the 7th of March 2015 and 3 days behind instead of the expected 2 days, the total count on the dashboard is still the same as it was on the 3rd of March.

When checking SocialBlade the view count seems to be stuck for everyone since then.

Do we know when we will see the total view count on our dashboards refreshed?

Thanks in advance.
Kind Regards,

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Brilliant. I want one but at $1,899 I will still need to walk across the kitchen watering my floor like a chump.

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Welcome to the #BookBook, IKEA's latest advance in technology.

Latest #IKEA add is just brilliant. IKEA has taken the way Apple is doing their adds and churned out their own version.

Very #funny and absolute genius.

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I could not stop laughing....

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Only came across this now. Very funny collection of scenarios-as-gif which are so true.

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Great article, highlighting different scenarios of the red-green-refactor flow which are very true.

It's not always as clear cut.

#testing #refactoring

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