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Adria Richards
Lived in New York City, NY


Today is my birthday.  I return to Google+ after almost a year.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  It felt great to attend the Startup Grind conference today in Mountain View.  Glad to be back!
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Happy birthday Adria! Kick ass, take names, etc

Adria Richards

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Adria Richards hung out with 8 people.jenni sunny, L Martin Johnson Pratt, Jonathan Geremia, James Crenshaw, kamil atlı, boni kol, marrsilo killoz, and rosa zeen
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hmm I was too loud apparently lol
gimme a sec

Adria Richards

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We all see things through a different lens.  What will Google Glass show you?  Inspired by Cyrus Kabiru, a sculpter and painter who took the stage at TED 2013, I filtered these photos I took of one of his art and his talk using snapseed #ifihadglass
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Good Glass always makes me think of gargoyles in Snow crash.

Adria Richards changed her profile photo.

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Schnazzy new profile photo.  Oh yes!
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Adria Richards

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Adria Richards hung out with 6 people.beboo gito, Ive Stiendig, rosa zeen, kamil atlı, Nassir work, and Kamel Camel
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Adria Richards was in a video call with 6 others
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I just took a minute to google this situation that everyone is sending Adria hateful remarks about, the bullies who are here saying those things are the ones who should be ashamed, Adria is definitely not feminist, not racist and certainly not a bigot, I'm happy she tweeted what she did, she ABSOLUTELY did the right thing.

Adria Richards

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Adria Richards hung out with 2 people.pedro Rodrigez and ahmed eli
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Adria Richards was in a video call with 2 others

Adria Richards

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Just put up this video last night as a submission to speak at Eric Ries' Lean Startup Conference.  

Startups are experiencing success when they support the professional development of their employees. These days when you're trying to keep a company small yet effective, it's more important than ever to hire the right people. Often times they are the ones with multiple skill sets and experience that can be adapted for the position.

Benefits of your employees learning to code include:
- Improved communication between departments
- Ability to spot design, usability and programming issues earlier
- Larger number of contributions for product bug fixes and feature requests
- Increased coverage during vacation, sick time and work travel
- Higher competency and confidence throughout the organization
- Potential to adopt tools like Pivotal Tracker throughout the entire company

There are many ways for employees to start learning to code. There are books, websites, online learning tools, live instruction via webinars or on-site and local events held through user groups, meetups and workshops where people come to master CSS & HTML, Javascript & jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Python, Objective-C for iOS apps, Java for Android apps and more. 

Links to resources and people mentioned
Lean Startup Conference
SendGrid (where I work!)
Sarah Mei
SF Developer Advocates Meetup
Women Who Code Meetup
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Lori, thanks for sharing your experience and Richard, thanks for the link!

Adria Richards

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Hey everyone! I'm in town this week for a social consulting project with Samsung and would love to say hello to Twitter friends who live in North Carolina! My first time visiting NC. There will be appetizers for folks to snack on.

Let's connect in real life. Stop by and say hello!

I created a Facebook event with details and location
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I love Raleigh! I got an old army play sis that lives there. :) nice little town... clubs go hard too... #occupyRaleigh  

Adria Richards

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Please check out our panel today at SXSW on increasing diversity at tech conferences - 5pm, Monday, Room 9ABC in Austin Convention Center

Myself, +Anjuan Simmons , +Corvida Raven , +Scott Hanselman and +Latoya Peterson will explore how event organizers, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, attendees and journalists can make a difference and why diversity is important in the success of companies and conferences.

Race: Know When to Hold It and When to Fold It

Spread the word!
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looking great (
Embrace your inner nerd

Adria Richards is a developer who lives in San Francisco with a focus on digital equality.

As a consultant for many years, Adria has helped many companies maximize their productivity and revenue by showing them how to use the right tools.

An industry veteran, Adria’s passion for cutting-edge technologies has led her to partner with some of the largest companies in the business. Since launching her consulting firm in 2006, Adria has been recognized as a trusted voice in her field and has been called on by several media outlets such as The Rachel Maddow Show, NPR, Computerworld, The Associate Press,, Black Enterprise and The Pioneer Press.

Adria’s mission — to make technology accessible —has kept her in demand as a speaker at blogging and technology conferences across the country. She has spoken at SXSW, O'Reilly Web 2.0, Blogworld, BlogHer, Blogging While Brown and Wordcamp and many private functions.

Adria helps others embrace their inner nerd, and has helped thousands through her popular YouTube channel.

Bragging rights
Appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show. Interviewed by NPR, Computerworld,, The Associated Press, Black Enterprise, Pioneer Press. Moved to San Francisco in 4 months from Minneapolis in 2010.
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New York City, NY - Minneapolis, MN - San Francisco, CA
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