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If you're a fan of Horror, check out this brand new anthology - including my tale, 'Exertion'. :)

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Something fun I shot and edited. :)

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The second Mahaelian novelette, a tale which takes place concurrently with Conviction's Pain, is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and will be hitting pre-order status on many other platforms soon. :)

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The prequel to Betrayal's Shadow is available! Except for the US, because they're still sleeping. ;)
The beginning of a conflict which will change two worlds...
When Ordaefus, Song Priest of the Elvayn, discovers that his people are capable of a new, incredible ability, his brother, Mahaelal, believes that this new way is wrong - an affront to the very foundations upon which the Elvayn built their civilization.
And when war breaks out, both brothers must make a choice - do they fight to protect what they believe in, or surrender, and exchange freedom for restriction?
What choice do they have left, when all choices lead to destruction and death?
*…/…/…/…/ (for Nook, Kobo and iBooks)

"The perfect companion to 'Betrayal's Shadow'. Fascinating and entertaining read from de Burgh, who is quickly becoming South Africa's next big epic fantasy author." - Sergio Pereira

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With the novelette being released tomorrow through Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iBooks, an absolutely kickass review has landed for 'A Song of Sacrifice'! :-D

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The first review of the new edition of 'A Song of Sacrifice' - made my day! :)

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If you have a Roswell-themed story you've been looking to submit, have a look at our themed anthology - deadline for submissions is 31 October, 2016. :)

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Paul P Corcoran is joining Tickety Boo Press!
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